4-Voice Call Monitoring-1

Voice call monitoring

YOCC handles all calls simultaneously so no calls are missed. Further, calls are automatically transferred to your executives. YOCC facilitates voice recording of each and every call being attended. It will help you understand how clients are being answered by your staff. Get to know word to word conversation which will help in analyzing the inquiries and can also be used for internal training purposes.

3-Database Generation-2

Database generation

YOCC creates a database of contact details and thus adds to the efficiency of your customer service and helps in future business communications with your consumers. Enjoy assured lead generation with your own database which is completely trusted and targeted towards your potential customers.

2-Quantification of Advertisement-2

Quantification of advertisement

YOCC offers quantification of advertisements from any media may it be print or electronic. With YOCC you get exact analysis of each advertisement in terms of total number of leads generated which in-turn helps the management to plan its future advertisement campaigns.

1-Reduce Advertisement Cost-1

Reduce advertisement cost

YOCC reduces dependency on advertisement media to promote what new is in offering like schemes, promotional offers, products etc… the same can be promoted with YOCC