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Transforming Restaurant Businesses through Cloud Telephony Solutions

For long, restaurants had been amongst the last recipients of evolving technology. High-end pricing and low return on investments had prevented even large eatery chains and premium outlets from quickly adopting new technologies.

However, this landscape has been fast-changing with the market penetration of cloud communication.

The introduction of innovative and affordable cloud telephony solutions in India has had a strong appeal to restaurant businesses. Cloud telephony products today come with flexible pricing and customizability as per business needs, which assure a quick and steady return on investments.

These solutions have particularly been very successful in reaching out to restaurant chains. A single number approach, such as the one provided by Big V Telecom’s YOCC – Your Own Contact Centre, has played an encouraging role for such restaurants in moving towards cloud telephony. Instead of asking customers to call on several numbers to reach across different outlet locations, businesses can now expand using just one number. Even better, cloud based phone systems can handle multiple calls at once, ensuring that the restaurant missed no customers due to busy lines.

Missed customer calls for placing orders or booking tables are a major source of financial losses for restaurants, especially startups. Products like YOCC offer an easy fix by sending instant missed calls alerts to business owners who then quickly follow up with their customers before the lead is lost to a competitor.

Restaurants across India have also risen up to realize that service quality over phone is major parameter for customer retention. Since traditional phone systems lack the necessary quality monitoring tools, restaurants are hastily moving towards cloud telephony. Solutions like YOCC provides complete recordings of every incoming call which allows owners to access and train their employees in quality control standards.

Another important offering which has been appealing for many restaurants is quantification of their marketing efforts. It is nearly impossible to judge the number of leads received by a business from different advertisement platforms when using a traditional phone system. Today, cloud telephony solutions like YOCC have quantification of advertisements as a key selling point. The web and phone based monitoring tools allow easy calculation of leads in real-time coming from different sources. This allows restaurant businesses to prevent unnecessary spending on channels which do not meet their ROI standards, thereby saving limited resources.

Cloud telephony is expected to continue their penetration into all business sectors. Instead of taking a backseat and wait, restaurants are now the frontrunner in adaptation of these innovative products and services.

Big V Telecom - Cloud Telephony

How Cloud Telephony Companies like Big V Telecom are Helping Indian Startups Grow

Today, India is the 3rd largest startup hub in the world. And innovative cloud telephony companies have played a significant role creating this hospitable environment of growth for small companies.

A decade back cloud hosting and communication was a luxury which could be afforded only by big corporations. The cause was largely due to hosting companies like Amazon and IBM who were keeping prices high in their quest for profits. It all changed when Google entered the hosting market in early 2008 and offered cheaper “hosting as a service” to small and medium business, causing industry wide price drops.

This enabled new startups to dive into business opportunities hidden in the cloud. These small companies would in turn provide affordable solutions to help other small and medium businesses.

One such domain was the niche market of cloud telephony in India.

As it happens in any market in a nation of 1.2 billion people, the industry imploded with innovative solutions. Being much more affordable than call centers and PBX systems, one of the major users of this new technology today are small and medium businesses.

Infact, cloud telephony solutions require zero added infrastructure investment to use. This alone exponentially increased its appeal to entrepreneurs who tend to work with distributed teams and are more likely to spend their limited resources in hiring talent than on infrastructure and space.

Even better, cloud telephony companies in india such as Big V Telecom, a Tata Elxsi incubated firm, have introduced the “single number” approach for businesses. Their flagship product YOCC allows clients to add unlimited extensions to departments and employees. Customers of such startups can simply call one number to reach across multiple departments. Such firms also find it convenient to communicate internally using the same number.

Another great use of products like YOCC is the scalability that they offer. In traditional phone systems, once the PBX box is full, you will need to purchase a new one and then integrate it with the old network grid to get the calls flowing. In other words – more expenditure, more space occupancy and a wired mess.

On the other hand, if one needs to add new employees to the network grid, all it takes is a simple extension. Since there is no limit to extensions, a business can grow using the same number from anywhere. This is how cloud telephony numbers with YOCC often evolve into being a brand identity of the firm.

These advantages and many more, put together has helped the startup industry in India to blossom much sooner than anticipated. Experts even predict India to have more startups than the US no later than 2022.