Increase Effectiveness of Your Marketing Initiatives with Missed Call Services

While internet is still in its early stage of outreach in India, mobile phones have penetrated even at the grassroots level. With over 833 million active mobile connections across the country, it has outnumbered the reach of other traditional media like newspaper and television. Mobiles have become a preferred choice for marketers to instantly reach out to the target audience, since people are always accompanied by their mobiles.

Capitalizing on the widespread use of mobile phones, marketers have adopted new age missed call services to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Missed calls can be configured to generate any desired response in the form of callback or a text message. It can also be used to take a vote, verify mobile numbers, register for various offers and much more.

Making marketing initiatives interactive and quantifiable

Most advertisements whether they are aired on television and radio or printed on newspapers and billboards result in one way communication with no substantial evidence of reaching the right audience. Integrating missed call services in your advertisements can increase their effectiveness by making them interactive for the target audience. The key here is to offer a valuable response in return – like requesting a call back for more information or providing some kind of entertaining content.

Missed call services also help you to know the success of your marketing campaigns. With providers like Big V Telecom’s DialnDisconnect, you can receive powerful and live data analytics on responses generated through missed calls. It will enable you to accurately measure the return on investment for each campaign by quantifying missed calls received through them.

Enables wider outreach to masses

Giving a missed call is one of the most basic functions that any person not familiar with advanced mobile technology too can accomplish. Additionally since missed calls do not cost anything to the users, it appeals even to the pre-paid subscribers who are very careful in spending the limited available talk-time. Thus as compared to sending SMS on premium corporate numbers or making outgoing calls, using the free of cost missed call services can be more encouraging, especially  for people with limited means of mobile connectivity. Many companies have realized this potential and have successfully used missed call campaigns to achieve better results from their marketing efforts targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns as well as villages where 70% of Indian population resides.

Generating Qualified Leads

Missed call campaigns can help you break the ‘Do Not Disturb’ barrier, which restricts any unsolicited marketing activities. By encouraging consumers to request a call back by giving missed call, your company is able to initiate a marketing call with consent from the consumer. This helps you create a pool of qualified leads instead of making random cold calls with lesser probability of conversion.

With DialnDisconnect, you can get an automatically updated customer database generated from your missed call campaigns. This database can be easily synced with your CRM account and used as a ready database of leads for future use.

As you can see, the universally used missed call, has acquired a whole new meaning with the corporate clan integrating it in their business activities. Today missed call services make up for over 500 crore industry in India, and is being used to accomplish wide range of marketing and administrative purposes. A rightly designed missed call campaign can increase effectiveness of your marketing efforts manifold.

Banking on a Missed Call!

Banking sector in India has come a long way from being monopolistic to a highly competitive one post liberalization in 1991. The increased competition led to banks increasing their customer service efforts by providing dedicated relationship managers and employing cutting edge technology in form of online and phone banking. Moving a step further, banks today have integrated different cloud telephony solutions such as missed call services to provide real time services. In contrast to its name missed call services have been put to use to ensure that there are no missed opportunities.

Generate Customized Response

Missed call service is designed to generate an instant automated response. On receiving a missed call on a dedicated number, the caller can be sent desired response via SMS or voice call or even an e-mail.  The response can be optimally customized and altered to meet the requirements of the bank. Banks can run multiple campaigns one after the other on a single number. For instance, during certain festive season if the bank has launched a new auto finance scheme, it can ask customers to give a missed call to get more information about it. Once that scheme is over, the number can be used to promote another scheme by altering the customized response.

Banks can provide standard services like balance enquiry, list of last few transactions or verification of number for mobile banking with separate dedicated extensions for each service.

A Win-Win Situation

Using missed call services results in a win-win situation for both the banks and its customers. Account holders today can literally bank on a missed call for availing basic services at no cost and saving them the trouble of visiting banks for every small task. On the other hand the reduction in need to personally attend to customers’ routine banking requirements, allows the bank to use their resources for other important tasks, resulting in time and cost savings. The service can handle multiple missed calls and can be kept active even during non-banking hours. So there’s zero wait time for customers and provision for ensuring them round the clock service from bank.

Get Add-on Benefits

Services like DialnDisconnect by Big V Telecom, the first Tata Elxsi incubate company; provide benefits that make it more than just a missed call service. It allows you to generate a reliable database of customers that can be used to generate positive leads. Moreover, DialnDisconnect also provides data analytics on response sought. This data can be accessed from anywhere by the authorized person through web interface. Missed call services also help to measure what promotion campaigns are working best for the banks through quantification of missed calls received and response generated for each one.

Since the missed call service is cloud hosted, it does not require any infrastructure or manpower investment and can be installed is short span of time. Due to this cost effectiveness and multi-functionality today many large as well as small banks are adopting it and bringing about a major change in its core functioning.

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How Cloud Telephony Helps Create a Credible Customer Support System

Over 90% of decision makers agree that growth of a company is directly proportional to the quality of customer support provided. It is also a major factor that determines company’s goodwill. A 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer says that over 74% of customers spend more on a brand as they have received good customer service. Now that’s a number no business can ignore!

Building a Reliable Contact Center

For quick resolution of their problems, majority of customers prefer to have one-on-one assistance over the phone from any company. It is therefore important to build, manage and track a reliable contact center that will be the backbone of your customer service efforts. As traditional, manually handled business phone systems fail to meet the needs of dynamic customer support, more and more businesses are migrating to cloud telephony services to build their own virtual contact centers.

Ensure Real-time Customer Support

A virtual call center can provide real-time customer support with customer-centric automated features. With multiple call-handling facility and auto response mechanism provided by cloud telephony solutions, your customers will not have to wait to be attended. Cloud telephony also helps you provide pro-active customer support for any calls received post working hours too, through missed call notifications.

Cloud telephony service providers in India like Big V Telecom through their product YOCC also offer features like multiple language options and connecting repeat callers to the same agent to help you provide personalized services to customers. This increases customer satisfaction and helps boosts customer loyalty.

Optimize Customer Service Quality at Affordable Costs

According to 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, customers are twice as likely to share their bad customer support incident as against a positive one. With YOCC’s call recording facility you can optimize customer service quality, eliminating any chances of poor customer care. Through their web and app interface you can retrieve voice logs for all or any calls between your customers and agents to keep a track of their customer service abilities and train them accordingly.

With customized virtual call center solutions you can choose features to suit your requirements and pay accordingly. Additionally you do not need to incur any infrastructure or manpower deployment cost, making your virtual contact center a value for money proposition to create a strong customer support system.

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How Virtual Contact Centers Help Businesses Function Professionally Even Without an Office

Soaring real-estate prices have made it difficult for businesses to not just own but even rent commercial offices. But for an inter-connected world like ours, there are always smart solutions to problems. Businesses across the Globe, no matter how large or small, are choosing to invest more in talent and save on real-estate and infrastructure costs by utilizing cutting edge technologies.

One such platform which is revolutionizing the way businesses work is cloud telephony.

With cloud hosted contact centers having no office is no more a big deal. They enable entrepreneurs to work professionally from home or shared work stations by simply using smart phones and laptops.

Work with a Single Virtual Business Number

Staying connected with all the business elements might seem complex, especially with no permanent infrastructure in place. Business telephony systems hosted on the cloud can simplify this communication channel with a single virtual number. This number can have multiple extensions and can enable multiple-call handling to connect all the employees to a virtual call center. Cloud telephony can be implemented in no time and is highly cost effective as it does not require any infrastructure setup. It can be used on existing numbers and mobile phones.

Think Global, Act Local and Sound Professional with Your Own Contact Center Solutions

Many entrepreneurs operate in a global environment with clients, vendors and even employees spread out across various locations. With virtual call centers, businesses can function seamlessly and professionally even without having any physical presence.  Companies like Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi, offer customized cloud telephony in India, aptly called Your Own Contact Center (YOCC).

A smart business always tailors its services according to area of operation. To cater to different regions entrepreneurs can even localize their automated greetings and other pre-recorded messages on the virtual call center with YOCC’s multi language support and truly think global but act local.

This virtual contact center solution can even provide completely automated, remote but highly professional smart call transfer facilities. With customized routing, incoming calls can be routed randomly or specifically to local employees, depending on the location from which the call is being received. This can help even the smallest businesses to function like a professionally managed corporate and gain client credibility in the absence a state-of-art office.

Remotely Track Efficiency of Employees and Marketing Channels

YOCC’s unique web and mobile app interface allows the entrepreneurs to track their workforce efficiency by remotely accessing real time call data analytics. The accessibility to all call logs and recordings on the virtual call center enables them to monitor and maintain high standards of client servicing. They can also choose to get unified notification via SMS, e-mail or voice call, if any calls have been missed.

Additionally, productivity of marketing channels can also be quantified based on leads received from each one. This will help entrepreneurial start ups, in wisely allocating sparsely available funds to channels providing higher returns.

With cloud telephony supported virtual call center, any business can operate collaboratively with a large number of remotely located employees, even without any office or infrastructure set up. These advantages are sure to make operating without dedicated offices, a new trend among entrepreneurs.

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Be a Part of Digital India with Cloud Telephony

The Government and the youth of India are all geared up for digital revolution. With up gradation of digital infrastructure promising better e-connectivity, today technology is becoming an integral part of every business. The backbone of this technical integration is largely being led by the cloud technology. According to projections by International Data Corp. (IDC), the cloud sector will be valued at over $3.5 billion by year 2016.

One of the most easily accessible and affordable application of cloud technology is cloud telephony.  No matter how small or large your business is, you can be a part of Digital India by using cloud telephony services. Whether you are start-up with no office space or a large company with presence at multiple locations, cloud telephony can help you better manage your professional commitments and contribute in your own little way towards the making of a Digital India.

Increase Ease of Doing Business with Cloud Telephony

With cloud telephony, you can set up an automated virtual call center and ensure your clients experience ease of doing business with you. Products like YOCC by one of the innovative cloud telephony providers in India, Big V Telecom can easily connect your geographically distributed departments and employees on a single virtual cloud hosted number. You will not have to invest in any infrastructure setup or any additional manpower recruitment. In fact you can do away with traditional business phone systems that demand continuous monitoring and frequent maintenance.

As India successfully marches towards realizing the dream of a Digital India, the Make in India efforts are also getting a boost. With more and more companies setting up their facilities in India, there is going to be rise in opportunities for businesses already operating in India too. You can tap on these opportunities by reaching out to prospective clients through channels that work best for you. You can customize your virtual call center solutions to monitor ROI on various channels by quantifying advertisement leads from them.

You can ensure customized receiving and routing of calls to enable smart call transfer, multiple call handling, send SMS, voice or e-mail notifications to clients as well as employees and avail call log analytics for informed decision making. This will enable you to provide quick response service to clients and ensure customer satisfaction even when you are away from your work station. You can connect to your virtual contact center for any information through mobile application and web interface.

Virtual call center solutions like YOCC also offer some intelligent cloud telephony features such as identifying caller patterns, data mining and data analytic and can help your business reap complete advantage of the rising digital wave in India.

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How Virtual Call Centers in India are Enhancing the Quality of Healthcare Services

Since the last few years India has been experiencing unprecedented growth in the healthcare sector with medical tourism on rise. A multi-billion dollar industry, healthcare sector is seeing a year on year increase of around 13%. This is owing to cost effective and high quality treatments provided by leading multi specialty hospitals and increasing awareness about alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga, etc.

Increasing integration of virtual call center in healthcare sector in India has also given this a major boost. It is redefining the way large hospitals function today. This can be attributed to the fact that there is no additional infrastructure or man power costs involved in moving the business communication system to cloud telephony.

Customizable virtual call center solutions like YOCC by Big V Telecom, the first Tata Elxsi incubated company, make cloud telephony more accessible and affordable for hospitals. With customized automated receiving and routing of calls and multiple call handling, hospitals can ensure they do not miss any calls and provide round the clock support to the patients.

Cloud telephony is much more than a system used to streamline day to day operations. It is also an active management tool. With increasing opportunities comes increased competition. To give the healthcare providers a cutting edge over their competition, a virtual call center such as YOCC can provide a unique advantage of advertisement quantification. It can aid well informed decision making for the management on marketing strategy front by quantifying ROI from different channels.

And all this can be done with just one unique number!!!

A single cloud hosted number and multiple extensions can ensure optimum co-ordination between multiple departments and patients and act as a one point virtual contact center.

Adopt Complete Automation for Enhanced Patient Care

Where there are numerous resident and visiting doctors involved, scheduling appointments can be an extensive task. This can be taken care of with automated virtual call center services. It will allow a patient to easily and automatically schedule appointments, without any manual interaction.

Multi specialty hospitals see inflow of hundreds of new patients every day. With specially customized virtual call center solutions for hospitals they can still maintain high service standards. Hospitals can make the patients feel cared for by sending them reminder about scheduling appointments for regular or follow up check-ups or upcoming vaccinations in case of children. This ensures that hospitals can retain their patients by building goodwill among them. This will even prompt them to refer other patients, providing increased business opportunities.

Virtual call center can also help the hospital to send instant alerts to patients and enhance service quality. Alerts could be about status or reminder of their appointments or real time intimation about arrival of test reports. Hospital can even send voice or SMS alerts to doctors in case of emergencies.

With YOCC’s virtual contact center solutions, hospitals can avail many additional benefits like multi language support, live call monitoring and real time database updates. It can be seamlessly synced with patient database too. Additionally it is easily scalable to add more staff, to accommodate rapidly expanding business. Management can ensure quality control and maintenance of high service standards by monitoring robust call log analytics.  The required data can be remotely accessed by the management from anywhere by way of mobile app and web interface.

The accessibility of cloud telephony is not just limited to large scale healthcare providers. Even small and mid size clinics, pathology labs and individual healthcare professionals can avail benefits of customized and affordable cloud communication services. A healthcare center pays only for the facilities it requires and yet portrays itself as a professionally managed one.

Virtual call center services can definitely provide a boost to any business. Thus to better equip themselves, more and more private as well as public players in the healthcare industry are taking help of advanced technology like cloud telephony for 360o integration of various business facets.

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5 Reasons to Move Your Business Telephony to the Virtual Call Center

Virtual call centers are fast replacing the traditional business phone lines. Moving on to virtual business telecommunication is becoming the most likely and easy choice for business as it is easy to implement and highly cost-effective.  Here are 5 reasons to move your business onto cloud telephony.

  1. Increases Ease of Doing Business

Your business might be spread across different locations and managing multiple phone lines can be complex. With cloud telephony you can have all your employees across each business location connected on a single virtual number with multiple extensions.

Since there is no infrastructure setup involved, your office can be with you wherever you are.  This makes it easy for you to conduct and keep track of your business from any remote location through web interface. Big V Telecom one of the leading cloud telephony providers in India is the only one that also provides access through mobile apps for its virtual call center solution – YOCC.

Another feature that increases ease of doing business for your customers and vendors is YOCC’s sticky agent feature. With this you can choose to route a particular number to the same representative every time, cutting down the long call channel.

  1. Facilitates Quantification of Advertisements

Marketing expenses make up for a considerable percentage of the company’s revenues. Many a times, there is no concrete justification of these expenses, except for some third party general statistics. A high end virtual call center like YOCC provides real-time quantification of leads generated from various marketing campaigns. You can run numerous campaigns simultaneously on different virtual numbers or run them one after the other on a single number and quantify the calls received for each campaign.  Having reliable in house ROI data enables you to make informed decisions with regards to fund allocation to various marketing channels.

  1. Increases Flexibility

Cloud telephony solutions are highly customizable and easily scalable and therefore add to flexibility in doing business. You can easily include more locations and staff to your virtual call center in a day’s time at minimal cost. Even if you need to relocate your office, there will be no interruption in business continuity. There will be zero downtime and infrastructure relocation costs for your phone systems, as they are hosted on the cloud and not dependent on location.

With easily customizable and automated call routing you can choose and even change anytime, the pattern in which you want to route calls amongst your agents. You can also have customized multi-language options for your callers.

  1. Provides insightful call data for quality management

YOCC can provide insightful call data that can help you analyze aspects like the time frame when most calls are received, average response time and call duration as well as agent specific call data for quality management.

It even allows you to have every call on the virtual contact center on the record. Voice logs for all the calls received are stored and can be retrieved from the web interface. These recordings can be used for training agents and ensuring high standards of customer service.

It also provides an auto generated customer database that can be readily used for quality lead generation.

  1. Optimizes Business Communication

Multiple call handling and auto response features of virtual call center ensure that there is minimal wait time for callers and zero missed calls for your business. It also helps you keep clients informed with the help of unified notification system. Whether it’s about order status, appointment confirmation or grievance handling, you can send real-time updates via SMS, e-mail or voice calls.

Apart from this you can also optimize business communication with the help of smart call transfer. This option enables you to transfer calls to any desired number across the globe. Additionally, virtual call center systems have a high uptime and enable seamless communication even in worst case scenarios.

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Hotel Industry Adopts Virtual Call Centers for Enhanced Guests Experience

The hotel business is particularly unique. It is one of the few industries, which draws revenue by providing on-premise customer experience. However, more and more hotel business chains and entrepreneurs are beginning to realize a core phenomenon that was ignored for long – Customer experience begins the moment they call a business!

This realization has been driving several new as well as traditional hotels to rethink their customer satisfaction approach and redo how they treat customers on call with cutting edge virtual call centers.

Since a decade ago, cloud telephony had taken its roots in the Indian market and has been rapidly penetrating nearly all sectors. However, the hotel and other hospitality businesses had hesitated in their adoption.

Now with innovative and affordable virtual call center solutions available, more and more hotel businesses are lining up to move their phone systems to the cloud and take advantage of its business boosting features.

Complete Automation of Reservation!!

In today’s world of remote communication, it usually happens that a guest’s first mode of interaction with the hotel is over phone while enquiring or booking. Virtual call centers can play a pivotal role in enhancing guests experience by reducing response time through automation of booking process. It also makes it easy for guests to book at their convenience and not just during business hours.

Automation of booking systems can be especially advantageous during peak tourist season, when the inbound calls flow is at the highest. Hotels are known to hire additional manpower to manage it. With automated reservation and multiple-call handling through virtual contact centre, hotels no longer need to incur these additional costs or worry about missing any calls.

Enterprising companies like Big V Telecom, the first to be incubated by Tata Elxsi have taken lead in providing customized solutions for virtual call center in India for hotels by way of YOCC –Your Own Contact Centre. It provides a single virtual number that can integrate all the properties of a group of hotels and provide them with a unified business communication system. It can be easily integrated with hotel’s other property management or CRM software.

This will allow them to monitor all the reservations in real –time and determine comprehensive or region wise room inventory at any given point. It also provides them with integrated database that can help them identify guests’ travel behavior.

Quantify ROI on various marketing channels

India today is a promising economic hub as well as an engaging tourist destination and sees equally large number of business and leisure travelers. To woo such characteristically different segment of travelers, hoteliers today need to adopt multipronged marketing strategies. Smart virtual call centre solutions like YOCC can help them manage high costs of marketing by providing quantification of advertisements. With precise data on ROI from various channels, they can wisely allocate funds to the most lucrative ones.

Provide personalized experience with innovative virtual call center

Hotels entertain culturally diverse Indian and intercontinental guests. Providing personalized services to such wide-ranging customer base becomes easy with multi-language support system on the cloud number. Intelligent call tracking can even allow the hotel to set language preferences for frequently visiting guests.

With highly customized call routing and smart call transfer provided by YOCC cloud system, loyal guests can be connected with a dedicated representative for an enriched customer service experience. Additionally it can also be used to send guests instant booking notifications and welcome message on the day of check-in, making them feel valued.

In this way virtual call center services can be intelligently and easily applied to many aspects of hotel industry. This is the right time for the hoteliers to take this next gen technology leap and boost overall growth with enhanced customer experience.