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Missed Call Marketing – Changing the Face of Mass Communication

Marketing has, until now, primarily involved promotion via physical and virtual methods. Flyers, leaflets, online advertisements and more have always formed the heart and soul of a marketing campaign. Recently though, there has emerged a new method for increasing customer engagement, that is, missed call marketing.

What Exactly is Missed Call Marketing?

Missed call marketing works on the principle of providing service information to the end user without them having to spend a single buck. It stems from the idea that almost every person in the world has mobile handset today. A fact that can be used to reach out more efficiently to every individual living in the civilized world, than a website or a leaflet could.

Missed call marketing involves providing a single, one-for-all contact number by the brand to be promoted, where customers can give a missed call to avail information about product features, promotional campaigns, discounts and offers, free of cost. The company, on receiving the missed call, sends out a text or pre-recorded voice message, which provides the end user with the information required.

The Scope of Missed Call Marketing

A mobile phone has become one of the most common digital gadgets used by people across all strata of society. These handsets range from simple, small phones with basic caller applications, to high-end smart-phones and tablets that have myriad cutting edge features.  One common affordable and easy to use, mode of connecting with such diverse target audience using technologically diversified mobiles is missed calls.

India itself has an active mobile user base of over 833 million, ranging over different topographies. Missed call marketing enables brands to reach out to all of these via just a missed call. This innovative technique has proven itself to be significantly ahead of the rest of the conventional means of mass communication, and the scope is only expected to keep increasing with increasing number of mobile users.

Features of Missed Call Marketing

To avail of this robust marketing platform, as a brand you can use a cloud telephony solutions like DialNDisconnect from Big V Telecom. This service provides your company with a dedicated virtual phone number where customers can send a missed call and get in touch with you. The service can be used to fulfill several purposes like:

  • Number Verification

The dialed number is instantaneously verified, before being added to your database, to make sure that it is not a spam call. This database of numbers can be then accessed to send promotional messages as and when required.


  • Public Votes

This functionality is useful when public voting needs to be done to decide on preferred product or service. It is also widely used by television reality shows as well as beauty pageants to decide winners in competitions when there are multiple options available. The number of missed calls received by each candidate on their dedicated numbers is monitored, calculated and the final result is analyzed.


  • Product Promotion

Perhaps the most important application, missed call marketing can be used to promote products across a wide user base, irrespective of the end user’s device type. This gives businesses an opportunity to test new product viability or gain feedback on current services or products. It also enables business to gain popularity amongst consumers by offering add on offers in the form of discounts or some kind of entertainment in return for the missed call given by them.


Missed call marketing is one of the most powerful means of mass communication today and the market is yet to reach its full potential. A simple, yet robust tool it helps companies get in touch with their client base easily and quickly.

How Virtual Call Centers prove to be an Intelligent Call Management System?

Businesses these days are growing at a rapid pace, and in today’s world everything is just a phone call away! With the current growth of Start ups in India, it is a must to have your own virtual call center. Traditional call centers include a huge infrastructure, millions of rupees of investments and a lot of manpower. Wouldn’t it be great if this expensive set up could be simply replaced by Virtual Call Centers with utmost simplicity?


Yes, cost affordability is the most important factor that makes virtual call centers a lucrative option. This is because virtual call centers neither require any infrastructure set up to be initiated within the premise nor does it warrant any in-house recruiting for technical manpower. All this is take care of by service providers like Big V Telecom, the first company incubated by Tata Elxsi.


Enables monitoring, quality control and data analysis

Cloud hosted call center services like YOCC from Big V provide complete and easy control over all the calls and the incidental data generated from them. As we all know business communication needs close monitoring and time to time checks from managers. With YOCC’s system in place you can effectively record all the calls, later download and play them to analyze how your executives are actually speaking to your prospective clients and suggest improvements.


It is also possible to completely monitor and quantify the advertisements you put in various forms of media and get accurate Return on Investment analysis.


Provides flexibility to Business and its employees

Virtual Call Centers let your employees work from anywhere, any location and any city. Now they no longer have to sit in a dedicated place just to attend calls and they can also work from home. Yes employee satisfaction and benefit is a concern for any organization and cloud hosted business telephony lets you take care of it.


Ensure complete client satisfaction and increased business

With the multiple call-handling facilities you no longer lose business enquiries and all your calls are routed and diverted effectively to the concerned departments.


Virtual Call Centers are making client experience more satisfactory and engaging by all means. It is possible for your client to record feedbacks and suggestions in their own voice and additionally their voice would be a great testimony for your new and prospective clients. Such important services add to the goodwill and image of the company and our solution is a proven technology and an intelligent call management system by all means.

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Benefits of using Outbound IVR Solutions to Conduct Surveys

Consumer opinions play a very important role in determining the success and future course of a company. This is why companies adopt various methods to take consumer feedback on existing products and services and also to understand consumer expectations while developing new ones.

Many a times questionnaires sent through E-mails and SMS tend to be lost amongst the others received or overlooked as they require subsequent actions from survey takers. On the other hand voice based surveys are less likely to be missed by the consumers. Research shows that voice based surveys achieve higher response rate from consumers because they are personally targeted and make the consumers feel valued.

Large-scale voice based surveys if manually handled tend to take up a lot of time and require engaging large manpower resources too. In order to overcome these constraints many businesses today opt to take services of Outbound IVR providers like Big V Telecom – first Tata Elxsi incubate company, to undertake market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

What is Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR is an intelligent voice based bulk customer outreach system that can assist in surveys on the basis of customer DTMF inputs. This means that customers are asked to select options by pressing relevant number keys. Outbound IVR is popular method of survey among many businesses due to the following benefits it provides.

  1. Survey large sample in less time: Since surveys conducted through Outbound IVR are automated and cloud hosted, many consumers can be called simultaneously. Thus within a short span of time business can survey a large database of consumers.


  1. Customized Scheduling: If it’s a post purchase survey or feedback about customer service quality it can also be scheduled after taking prior permission during primary interaction. The survey can be scheduled keeping in mind the general convenience and availability of the consumers.


  1. Get unbiased responses: The inputs provided by the consumers during the survey are directly registered in the database. Since there is no human element involved from the business-end while recording responses, they can safely be assumed to be unbiased and error free.


  1. Faster Data Analysis: With survey data automatically generated and entered in the system, it is also analyzed instantly. This provides quick results on completion of survey for the business to act upon. In case of consumer satisfaction survey, any negative feedback can be instantly identified by setting up required triggers and corrective actions can be taken with follow-up calls from the business representatives.

 5. Highly Cost Effective: Since businesses can conveniently hire Outbound IVR services on demand from cloud telephony providers like Big V Telecom they do not need to make any investment for infrastructure setup. Also since everything is automated right from conducting survey to analyzing the results, it can be accomplished with minimal manpower resources.

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Increase Your Business Productivity with Virtual Call Centers

Cloud telephony services have changed the way the traditional call centers operated. No longer is there a need to have large scale call center set ups with complex infrastructure to handle large scale inflow of customer calls. Cloud telephony has not only been beneficial for big companies but also a means to increase professionalism and productivity for small firms too.

Overcome geographical barriers

Virtual call center helps your business connect its operations at various locations on a single number without any wired mess. You can have a single toll-free or regular number as your single point of contact for multiple locations and departments. This makes it easy for your customers to get in touch with you and also creates a uniform brand identity for you business across locations

Apart from this, cloud telephony solutions give your employees freedom to work flexibly from anywhere. Cloud telephony service providers like Big V Telecom, the first company incubated by Tata Elxsi, offer smart call transfer to any mobile or landline phone, anywhere around the globe. This ensures the employees are always available to answer calls meant specifically for them and enhances their personal as well as business productivity.

Curtail operational as well as marketing costs

Big V Telecom’s innovative cloud telephony solution YOCC – Your Own Contact Center helps you effectively quantify the return on investment on your marketing channels. By accurately quantifying leads from each channel, business can manage and reduce marketing investment and yet increase lead generation.

Since your virtual call center is cloud hosted, you do not need to retain high cost and maintenance demanding PBX systems. Cloud telephony can be implemented without any in-house infrastructure set-up or additional manpower to maintain and operate it. You will not even need an operator to transfer calls to various departments or answer basic inquiries, this can be easily done with IVR system.

Increase effectiveness of your service

Cloud telephony providers like Big V Telecom are known to provide up-time of almost 99%. Additionally, with auto call answering, multiple call handling and missed call alerts, your business communication can be active 24/7 without any technical interruption. Thus your customer call will never go unanswered.

The call recording facility available with YOCC ensures you can listen to every call and increase effectiveness of your services by monitoring the quality of customer care provided by your business representatives.

In this manner by streamlining your business communication system in multiple ways, virtual call centers can definitely add to the productivity and growth of your business.