Haldirams Streamlines Business Operations with Big V’s Cloud Telephony Solutions

Haldirams – a well know brand with widespread local and international presence, has varied business operations by way of retail outlets, restaurants as well as a water park. Most of its business is conducted from the corporate office and outlets situated in Nagpur while its branch offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai handle bulk orders, exports and e-commerce.

Business Monitoring and Optimization Problems

  • Streamlining operations and promotions for different strategic business units: Haldirams ambitious expansion plans were in full momentum at the corporate level, but implementing the same seamlessly from end to end was vital. Having varied business verticals catering to different aspects of FMCG sector, Haldirams required widespread marketing as well as continuous monitoring of customer inquiry handling and subsequent response at grassroots level. Its management needed individual as well as consolidated overview of day to day operations. Obtaining this in real-time was a challenge considering multiple locations and their multiple contact points. Additionally, with need to promote the brand as whole as well as individual outlets, Haldirams spent enormous resources on advertisement budget, reducing their profit margins.


  • Missing Business Opportunities: With successful e-commerce and large scale international client base, Haldirams often received calls before and after office hours, resulting in missed business opportunities that were impossible to track. Additionally increased call flows during festive seasons and promotional offers resulted in high call waiting and missed call rates due to inability to handle more than a couple of calls at a time.

YOCC Smart Telephony Solutions

Big V Telecom, after scrutinising communication needs of Haldirams, proposed YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre – a single number cloud telephony solution. This single number connected all the different business divisions and sub-divisions at different locations. Thus to avail any service from Haldirams, a caller would have to call on the advertised YOCC number and dial the desired extension on IVR to reach corporate office, restaurant, retail outlet or water park.

Callers no longer had to struggle to search through multiple numbers of Haldiarams to reach their desired final point of contact. The YOCC number in time came to be associated with the brand Haldirams irrespective of the business unit customer is interacting with, thereby strengthening the brand identity as well as brand recall in minds of customers. It also helped boost promotion for all SBUs in one go.

Automated Customer Database Generation and Real-time Monitoring

YOCC generated automated call logs and customer database for all the calls received on Haldirams’ virtual number. They could now leverage on customer database of a particular business unit to promote other units too.

YOCC also automatically generated detailed call reports as per business units, i.e. how many calls were received for which of the business divisions, who answered them, time of calls received as well as duration of the calls. All these reports were sent to the management over e-mail on daily basis and also accessible through YOCC’s mobile app and web interface. This enabled the management to monitor in real-time, the performance of each SBU and devise strategies accordingly. Additionally since all the call interactions were recorded, it made it easy for the company to monitor customer service standards of its executives.

With after office hour feature of YOCC, any calls received on the virtual number in non-working hours are now auto answered and the contact details of the caller are sent to agents and management through unified notification system.  Thus there were no more missed calls or missed new business opportunities.

With implementation of YOCC cloud telephony, Haldirams experienced an evident overhaul in business operations, growth in business revenues and increased customer loyalty.