5 Common Myths of Cloud Telephony Debunked

Advanced technologies today provide solutions to ease many complex business processes. One such technology is Cloud Telephony that helps you automate business telephony to a great extent. Although 33% of businesses world over would switch to cloud telephony some hesitate. This is owing to the general anxiety surrounded with every new technology upgrade about its credibility, effectiveness, value proposition etc. As a business looking at upgrading its communication systems, you too might have some questions about migrating your phone systems to the cloud. So here we are to debunk some common myths or misconceptions associated with cloud telephony solutions!

Myth 1: “Data is not secured with cloud telephony

Many businesses worry about the security of their data. They feel that migrating to cloud telephony would put their crucial business data at risk of theft or treachery or even total loss.

Myth busted: Making the move to cloud business phone system can help your organization to lead a substantially more secure conversation. Encryption of voice parcels is conceivable with perfect equipment. The internet servers that these cloud technologies use are on a highly secured network. Leading service providers employ protection systems that do not compromise on your data storage and accessibility. All the data you store is perfectly accessible from anywhere, but only for authorized people.

Myth 2:It involves high cost and maintenance”

Businesses are scared that cloud telephony involves high infrastructure investment and will entail high maintenance cost too.

Myth busted: Cloud based business phone systems are quite economical in comparison to on premise PBX phone systems when you switch to cloud-based business phone system there is no initial set up cost as everything is cloud hosted. You can conveniently switch to cloud telephony by integrating your existing phones and mobiles. So, there aren’t any hardware maintenance charges to add o to your costs too.

Myth 3Small businesses don’t need cloud telephony

SMEs feel cloud telephony is only useful for businesses with high turnover, multiple locations, and high spending capacity.

Myth busted: Every business, irrespective of its size can and should switch their business phone system to cloud. Why? Well, cloud telephony offers features such as call tracking, IVR system, Call forwarding, etc which help your business not to lose opportunities coming from those phone calls you get. For example, when you have a cloud telephony system in place and you get calls, the IVR welcomes your caller with a professional voice which projects your business as highly professional and sizeable. Also, in case you’ve fewer members to attend customer calls, cloud telephony tracks all the missed calls so that you can reach them back. Thus, small businesses too can equally benefit from a cloud telephony system just like the big enterprises. In fact, cloud telephony will help them to compete with the bigger competitors in the industry.

Myth 4It requires proper call center set up” (This point needs more clarity)

Hosting a cloud call centre requires a physical set-up, a separate premise to set up equipments and additional manpower to handle it.

Myth busted: Cloud Telephony solutions are designed to reduce costs for businesses. Having a cloud hosted call center solution will provide you all the benefits of a usual call centre minus the high costs. When you’ve a cloud telephony solution for your business, everything is set up on cloud. There’s no requirement of any hardware installation or maintenance. In fact the workforce you require for handling too many customer calls also reduces. Cloud Telephony’s smart features will route customer calls effectively without getting too many employees involved into the process or making callers wait to talk to your representatives

Myth 5Not as reliable as conventional telephony

Indian businesses, especially the SMBs still widely depend on phones to conduct their business. Will cloud telephony provide reliable connectivity and value added services?

Myth busted: Cloud Telephony is as reliable as any other advanced technology in the market. In fact, studies say that out of 10 organizations, 6 are using cloud telephony to take their business phone system to the next level. Also, the features that the traditional system might not give can be given by the cloud telephony system. We at Big V Telecom ensure 99.9% uptime of YOCC and 24×7 connectivity for your customers.

Pristine Properties Simplifies Multiple Project Handling with YOCC Cloud Telephony

YOCC - Pristine

Established in the year 1988, Pristine Properties is a reputed enterprise focusing on developing luxurious gated communities with the best of amenities. With numerous developments in some of Pune’s most prime locations, Pristine Properties has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. Not just residential developments, Pristine Properties has also developed landmarks in the commercial, hospitality, warehousing sectors and SEZ’s as well.

Pristine’s Business Communication Challenges and YOCC Solutions:

With multiple large scale projects running simultaneously across Pune, Pristine receives large number of calls every day. To attend the same it has a vast network of sales team. Monitoring the handling of the leads by various executives and tracking their individual as well as overall performance of each project was very complex and time consuming.

To manage, co-ordinate and streamline leads generated through calls amongst their sales executives, they have been using YOCC cloud telephony services since 2011. With sequential call routing, they ensure that the calls were equally distributed amongst the team members. Additionally, sticky agent feature in the YOCC system ensures any repeated call from a customer is handled by the same sales executive who attended the call first time.

With increasing number of projects and their long completion span, Pristine preferred taking new YOCC numbers for every new project.

This helps them:

  • Get project wise database
  • Judge real time response to individual project advertisements
  • Zero-in on hot leads and pursue them
  • Makes long term end-to-end coordination for an individual project easy on single virtual number.
  • Admin alert ensures that sales executives receive complete details of the call received by them.