Toll Free Numbers and How They Work

Advertisements often carry a ten-digit toll free number where companies can be reached at for queries and support. These numbers you will also see at the back of your debit/credit card, on cartons and packages, and receipts and challans. In India, the numbers offered by the likes of Big V Telecom typically start with 1800 which is the standard national prefix. The number does not signify a particular location so to speak, but only the fact that it’s a toll free number. Businesses use toll free numbers as a live channel of communication with their clients. These toll free number are no different than a phone line, except that it’s a parcel of many superb features that are missing in the latter. So in addition to new business opportunities in India, cloud telephony brings with it this incredible service.

More on Toll-Free Numbers

A toll free number is typically used for customer service calling, which is how modern businesses serve their clients on telephone. Now if you are not familiar with the concept of toll-free, it means that a caller can dial the number and talk to a company representative for any length of time without having to bear the cost of the call. Like call collect, it does not cost the caller anything. These numbers offered by cloud telephony companies have opened up a cost-free and convenient channel of communication for companies and their clients. In some cases however, calling at a toll free number may cost a wireless caller airtime minutes unless they are on a plan that allows unlimited calling.

How It Works?

Cloud telephony companies offer toll free numbers as a way to maintain location and call cost neutrality, the two things that make calling convenient for the callers. Big V Telecom and similar companies offer numbers with a standard 1-1800 prefix. The rest of the number however can be anything you want it to be. Come up with your own combination or let the company generate you one, whichever suits you. As long as the number is not already in use, it is assigned to the claimant right away. In that, it’s a first-come-first-serve system for these numbers. The sooner you book a number with Big V Telecom or similar companies, the greater are your chances of grabbing it before anyone else does. Seldom do companies miss the new franchise opportunity or the chance to put together a number that register easily in the mind.

These numbers are offered by service providers like Big V Telecom whose own service is called YOCC or Your Own Call Center. A toll free number, like all telephone number is portable, which means every subscriber has the privilege to port it as and when needed. It is not a location-specific number which gives it a nation-wide usability. The toll free telephone number, though public, has a database which is exclusively accessible to the subscribers alone.

Big V Telecom is one of the names that is most relevant to the Indian telecom industry at this point. It is one of the forerunners of cloud telephony that has brought numerous industries in its folds through business opportunities in India and scalable telephone service.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business

Businesses these days operate through hotlines and that’s a trend that caught up faster than any other phenomenon in the trade world. Using a ten digit telephone number, which in most cases is toll free, companies stay connected with their customers 24/7. But you probably know this already. What you may not know however is how easy it is to get these numbers these days through providers like Big V Telecom. Irrespective of the size or age of your venture, you can qualify for a toll free telephone number. To make things a little more exciting, the choices of toll free number service provider in the market is practically infinite.

Let’s take you through the very process of getting a toll free number for business. It’s basically an if-I-can-do-it-anybody-can-do-it drill. You don’t have to be an expert in telecom technology or a prior user to get a toll-free number easily. But, there is definitely a method that cut through the chase and get you your number in the shortest time possible. Read about it ahead.

Pick a Kind

To get started, you have to understand the kinds of toll-free numbers that are out there. There are primarily three kinds of toll free number for business, namely, vanity, easy dial and tracking numbers. As most businesses go with either of the first two, most with the second, let’s just cover them for now.

The first or the vanity number is a mix of numerals and alphabets, not at random, but a meaningful alphanumeric combination. So, for instance, if your business is into window cleaning, your company’s toll free number could be a set of numbers and WindowCleaning, with a hyphen in between. You can create your own combination to suit the purpose. This, compared to an all numeric number, is easy to remember.

The second is the easy-dial number which your customers can save on their phone and dial directly. These numbers usually occur in 10 digits and often have repetitions of numbers for easy remembering. A user is at liberty to pick their number in which they may or may not choose to have repetitions.

The Standard Prefix

In case you don’t know, a prefix of a toll-free number is the first three digits that the number starts with. As much as you are entitled to get toll free number India that suits your business best, your choice of prefix in India is only one. With Big V Telecom and similar companies it is 1-800.


Make the Buy Right Away

To get toll free number India, just go to the webpage of the provider and navigate to the Toll Free Number page. Somewhere on that page will be the Buy icon. Just hit and the instructions will take you through. Buying toll free numbers through providers like Big V Telecom is only a matter of minutes. It is short and instant and even before you know, they will set you up with a YOCC line to get started instantly. A toll free line obtained from a stellar provider has multi-level IVR, call recording, call tracking, call transfer, SMS, app management and tons of other useful features.

Big V Telecom is a prime toll free number service provider in India. In addition to that, its services include PowerSchool, DialNDisconnect and more.

Big V Telecom offers attractive Franchise India Scheme

In order to start a Franchise in India with a strong business model, you must do proper planning. Only meticulous execution of that planning can bring success in the business. Entrepreneurs often prefer to adopt franchise offers instead of starting a brand new business venture because of some specific reasons. According to market analysts, lucrative franchisee opportunities not only help in building a good business in shorter time, but also can churn out recurring benefits of manifold profits.

Easy capital management

Big and established brands have good reputation amongst banks and financial institutions.  Therefore arranging capital for new business opportunities under big brand is not that tough. Start ups like cloud telephony business under the franchisee agreement of established companies like Big V Telecom is already a low cost business venture. Financial support from bank and NBFCs can work as an added advantage for the franchisee owners.

Greater success rate amidst new business opportunities

Cloud telephony business already has a growing market demand across all Indian business sectors. Furthermore, when you are associated with the company like Big V Telecom that offers quality market support for all its franchisees, you are sure to succeed. Market demand and marketing support are the two prime drivers that extracts better success rate for all company’s franchise India business units. Unlike other new business opportunities, these businesses do not have the obligation to build niche or brand image, which accelerates success.

Cloud telephony solutions business is not limited for technocrats

Franchisee business runs under the market strategy of the mother company. Cloud Telephony solutions by Big V Telecom franchises are done by following the principal company’s plans and policies. The company provides robust market support too. Anybody having clear market knowledge and professional enthusiasm can apply for the company franchise agreement. The best part of this business is anybody can start the business: there is no hard and fast rule that every franchise owners has to be a technocrat.  

Independent business Opportunity

Franchise business of Cloud Telephony solutions offers independent business opportunity for new franchise owners, which is mostly risk free. There are several business houses who want to get a toll free number but do not have idea to get it arranged within their reach and budget. There are enough gaps to grow in this telephony business but business operators can perform according to their personal preference and roadmap.

Cloud telephony services may seem complicated or expensive. Explaining the necessity to get a toll free number for business development to clients at time may seem confusing and tricky,  but with sound support and professional back up along with marketing with user friendly products and tariff plan from Big V Telecom, you can easily close the deals.  

Those who are planning to start their new telephony business may opt for buying cloud telephony business franchise from Big V Telecom, the market leader in cloud telephony. The company offers robust market support and grooming facility for all franchise units so that they can stand independently in market and enjoy satisfactory profit and get their business rolling.

Big V Telecom says that franchise opportunities can be truly lucrative

There is variety of franchise opportunities in market but everyone may not find all scopes as their cup of tea. The potential of every business opportunity cannot be explored by every individual entrepreneur and that is why understanding a business franchise opportunity is much needed before you respond. For example, if you can understand the potential of Big V Telecom offered franchise business openings and its relevance to today’s market, the chance of success out of the franchise business gets almost doubled.

As digital communication is the buzz word for today’s business development, and cloud telephony is the new method business organizations are adapting to, aspiring entrepreneurs looking for new business opening, have found this business breakthrough quite lucrative for quite a number of reasons. Let’s see a few of them:

Digital marketing is becoming mobile responsive

In India the numbers of mobile users are increasing almost at daily basis. Companies targeting their audience for spreading their marketing campaign may tap mobile users by marketing plans like miss call campaigning, etc. Big V Telecom being the leading toll free number provider in India under our flagship service YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre and other hosted telecommunication services like the miss call service named DialNDisconnect, has high market potential. Companies willingly subscribe such services for getting their product promotion in a user friendly cost-efficient way.

There is natural market demand

Communication is the key mantra of successful business sustenance and development. Efficient, timely, and seamless communications can win the success quotient, therefore every business house in Indian business market is thriving for improving their business communication standard and that makes a special niche for cloud based telephone system for its optimum performance. As a result business dealing with digital telephony has a great potential to explore!

Cloud Telephony franchisee opportunity from this communication specialist can utilize a huge database readily available in Indian business community: Indian entrepreneurs can make a business paradise simply by selling cloud based telephony system to this niche.

A new business opportunity with low starting cost

If a new business opportunity is identified in market with proven income potential and with low investment benefits, it is quite obvious that the opportunity will be counted as the most lucrative one. This is the case with Big V Telecom Franchisee. Business enthusiasts can try their luck and as the mother company offers constant monitoring and support facility, it is easier for them to get the breakthrough.

Other allied advantages of cloud telephony business

There other allied advantages of pursuing new business opportunity offered by Big V. These are,

  • No specific technical experience is needed
  • There is no age or qualification bar for the franchise applicants
  • The company offers 24×7 support for franchise units
  • There is hardly any infrastructure cost to start the business
  • There is no specific demand of recruiting expensive technicians, etc.
  • The mother company offers customized quality telephony products

These are the trending reasons business enthusiasts are shifting their focus on these cloud based tele- communication business out of many other franchise opportunities. It has been proved that the business has great scope to grow and earn, which can be the fortune maker of a businessman regardless he is an old player or a newbie.

Big V Telecom is the leading toll free number provider in India as well as it is one of the most comprehensive cloud telephony service providers. The franchisee units under this company are doing good in market.

Reasons Why Big and Small Businesses Should Have a Toll Free Number

Just having a toll free number alone can stand your business out from most others in the market. Although toll free numbers is not uncommon in today’s time, it is still quite a new concept in small businesses. But regrettably, not all small business owners agree to a need to have one for their business. In the long run, that only serves to keep a business behind in the race. If you are going to have to do something, why leave it for later? Big V Telecom and a handful of other companies have come to offer some great solutions for this, aside opportunities for low cost franchises. But, first, let’s brief you on the exclusive benefits of a toll free number, and why small traders should be interested.

Positive Branding

The first thing that a toll free number brings to a business is positive branding. How? In business, perception is everything. A phone number gives your customers access to your business, a toll free number gives them free and round the clock access, plus a good impression and lots of credibility. So, that’s branding, if you know what I mean. So, a 1800 toll free number is, in a way, that real estate property that fetches you arrears all the time, every time.

Good Customer Service

Looking for a rather effective way to level up your customer service? Buy toll free number From Big V Telecom or similar providers and announce to your customers that you care enough to make the phone calls to you free. Back in 2000, only banks and the biggest organizations had toll free numbers. It was looked at as a really convenient feature for a business to encourage communication from the clients’ end and a nice token of thanks to the clients in exchange of their time and effort to reach out. So, a good way of serving your customers better is to make sure that they can pick up the phone and dial you any time they want without having to spend their talk minutes on it.

Wide Presence

If you thought that there is only one way to grow your business, you probably are not seeing the bigger picture. There are plenty other ways to grow your business, increasing your presence is one of them. Increasing your accessibility is one such way. The subject of online presence has been talked ad nauseum in the past. Now, here is a way to make that possible without spending recklessly on branding. Buy toll free number and watch your presence grow domestically and outside.


Businesses lose profitability owing to seemingly small things. A change in a government policy, a bad press, a product that tanked, a social media post that went awry, practically anything can impact your business’s profitability, but only a few that can truly boost it. A toll free number is one of those few things. Your 1800 toll free number makes you location-neutral and yet, always within the orbit of access.


The 1800 toll free number is after all an advanced marketing strategy that benefits both involved. It helps you track down the results of your marketing effort, while making one-on-one advertisements possible.

Big V Telecom is one of the most reputable providers of cloud telephony services in India. It offers toll free numbers for businesses as well as supporting services.