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Missed Call Marketing coupled with IVR Solutions: Key to Successful Modern Day Marketing

Modern Marketing has taken a new turn due to technological innovation in the field of telecommunications. IVR and MCM, i.e., Interactive Voice Response Campaign System and Missed Call Marketing Solutions comprise most of the modern marketing techniques through telecommunications.What is IVR?Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that uses voice and DMTF tones in...
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Missed Call Marketing – Changing the Face of Mass Communication

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Marketing has, until now, primarily involved promotion via physical and virtual methods. Flyers, leaflets, online advertisements and more have always formed the heart and soul of a marketing campaign. Recently though, there has emerged a new method for increasing customer engagement, that is, missed call marketing.What Exactly is Missed Call Marketing?Missed call marketing works on the principle of providing service information to the end user without them havin...
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How Virtual Call Centers prove to be an Intelligent Call Management System?

Businesses these days are growing at a rapid pace, and in today’s world everything is just a phone call away! With the current growth of Start ups in India, it is a must to have your own virtual call center. Traditional call centers include a huge infrastructure, millions of rupees of investments and a lot of manpower. Wouldn’t it be great if this expensive set up could be simply replaced by Virtual Call Centers with utmost simplicity? Yes, cost affordability is the most importa...
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Benefits of using Outbound IVR Solutions to Conduct Surveys

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Consumer opinions play a very important role in determining the success and future course of a company. This is why companies adopt various methods to take consumer feedback on existing products and services and also to understand consumer expectations while developing new ones.

Many a times questionnaires sent through E-mails and SMS tend to be lost amongst the others received or overlooked as they require subsequent actions f...

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Increase Your Business Productivity with Virtual Call Centers

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Cloud telephony services have changed the way the traditional call centers operated. No longer is there a need to have large scale call center set ups with complex infrastructure to handle large scale inflow of customer calls. Cloud telephony has not only been beneficial for big companies but also a means to increase professionalism and productivity for small firms too.Overcome geographical barriersVirtual call center helps your business connect its operations at various...
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