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How different industry sectors in India are utilizing missed call services

The challenge that the companies face while marketing in India is that around 70% of the population resides in small towns and villages where digital connectivity and media outreach is limited. But they can instantly connect with this large proportion of Indian population through phones with over 1,040 million mobile and landline connections. Making the most of this connectivity, marketers across various sectors have vividly used missed call marketing for consumer...

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5 Ways a Virtual Contact Center gives your business a competitive edge

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With rapidly changing economic scenario, businesses need communication systems that are highly dynamic. They need systems that go beyond merely providing connectivity and give the business additional benefits that provide competitive edge. This is what technologically advanced cloud telephony aims at providing your contact center.

Here are 5 ways a virtual contact center can give your business competitive edge:...

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How to Plan a Successful Outbound IVR Campaign

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Rightly designed and executed Outbound IVR campaigns can definitely strengthen a business’s ability to build healthy customer relationship, proactively handle potential grievances, and streamline customer engagement. Here are some key pointers to consider while planning your Outbound IVR campaign to ensure it achieves desired success.

  1. Use an updated customer database

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Get a Single Virtual Number for all your Telecommunication Needs

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Cloud Telephony that was earlier thought to be accessible to only a privileged few big companies with access to funds and technology, is now becoming quite popular with even small and medium businesses. With advancement in technology, cloud telephony services have become more affordable and customizable. It has given the organizations freedom from having to maintain complex PBX systems as everything is cloud hosted and does not require the users to maintain any complex infrastructure in-house. ...
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Cloud Telephony Services– Your On-demand Communication System

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The just-in-time concept of manufacturing is now gaining popularity in the service sector too. Just-in-time or on-demand services refers to availing the services only when required and paying only for the services when in use. This concept is especially beneficial for businesses that need to avail technologically advanced services like cloud telephony, which would otherwise demand high investment.Minimize Operational Costs with On-Demand Cloud Telephony ServicesTelecommu...
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