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How Hosted Call Center Solutions Benefit Small E-Commerce Businesses

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E-Commerce has given rise to wider marketing avenues for locally operated small and medium businesses. The online business format provides them the ability to market their products not just within the country but even across the globe. All that they need is to ensure prompt handling of increased customer inquiries and provide adequate sales support. This can become a challenge for a small business with limited manpower resources. By adopting affordable and customized hosted call center solutions...
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Cloud Telephony Advantage for Automobile Dealers

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Buying a vehicle is a decision that a buyer takes after a lot of different considerations. One of the important elements that determine the final outcome is the interactions with various automobile dealers as they are the ones with whom the buyers would enter into a long-term association. Thus automobile dealers leave no stone unturned to fine-tune their operations, especially their communication systems to beat the increasing competition. And what better way to do it than harnessing the cloud t...
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3 Quick Tips to Run a Successful Missed Call Campaign

Missed call solutions are finding mainstream position in the marketing strategies of many large scale organizations. Although it started with merely getting cricket scores on giving a missed call, today it is being used by banks to provide on-demand services to customers, media and entertainment companies to ask for votes on their reality show and by NGOs to garner support from the masses for social causes. Even multi-nationals have realized that a free missed call can open a large window of opp...
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Increase Effectiveness of Your Marketing Initiatives with Missed Call Services

While internet is still in its early stage of outreach in India, mobile phones have penetrated even at the grassroots level. With over 833 million active mobile connections across the country, it has outnumbered the reach of other traditional media like newspaper and television. Mobiles have become a preferred choice for marketers to instantly reach out to the target audience, since people are always accompanied by their mobiles.

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Banking on a Missed Call!

Banking sector in India has come a long way from being monopolistic to a highly competitive one post liberalization in 1991. The increased competition led to banks increasing their customer service efforts by providing dedicated relationship managers and employing cutting edge technology in form of online and phone banking. Moving a step further, banks today have integrated different cloud telephony solutions such as missed call services to provide real time ser...
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