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Highly Effective

Voice messages can be understood by everyone. It  proves highly effective in case of elderly people, layman and illiterates. Bulk Voice Call enables messages to be broadcasted in any regional language.

bulk voice rduce cost

Reduce Cost & Time

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages broadcasted instantly as an incoming call to mobile or land-line numbers in bulk quantity across the country. Bulk voice call saves time and efforts of calling many people. You can do it now with just few clicks!

bulk voice timely reminder

Timely Reminders

Various organizations need to send reminders and alerts to consumers and users periodically and due to large number of users it becomes very difficult. With Bulk Voice Call, customized Voice messages can be sent to thousands of people within seconds.

bulk voice wide promotion

Wide-Spread Product Promotions

Bulk Voice Call proves extremely helpful in new product launches, product promotions which need to be done effectively with emotions and expressions. A Voice call can carry the required emotions and convey the Right Message to the Right Audience.