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Hotel Industry Adopts Virtual Call Centers for Enhanced Guests Experience

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The hotel business is particularly unique. It is one of the few industries, which draws revenue by providing on-premise customer experience. However, more and more hotel business chains and entrepreneurs are beginning to realize a core phenomenon that was ignored for long – Customer experience begins the moment they call a business!

This realization has been driving several new as well as traditional hotels to rethink their customer satisfaction approach and redo how they treat customers on call with cutting edge virtual call centers.

Since a decade ago, cloud telephony had taken its roots in the Indian market and has been rapidly penetrating nearly all sectors. However, the hotel and other hospitality businesses had hesitated in their adoption.

Now with innovative and affordable virtual call center solutions available, more and more hotel businesses are lining up to move their phone systems to the cloud and take advantage of its business boosting features.

Complete Automation of Reservation!!

In today’s world of remote communication, it usually happens that a guest’s first mode of interaction with the hotel is over phone while enquiring or booking. Virtual call centers can play a pivotal role in enhancing guests experience by reducing response time through automation of booking process. It also makes it easy for guests to book at their convenience and not just during business hours.

Automation of booking systems can be especially advantageous during peak tourist season, when the inbound calls flow is at the highest. Hotels are known to hire additional manpower to manage it. With automated reservation and multiple-call handling through virtual contact centre, hotels no longer need to incur these additional costs or worry about missing any calls.

Enterprising companies like Big V Telecom, the first to be incubated by Tata Elxsi have taken lead in providing customized solutions for virtual call center in India for hotels by way of YOCC –Your Own Contact Centre. It provides a single virtual number that can integrate all the properties of a group of hotels and provide them with a unified business communication system. It can be easily integrated with hotel’s other property management or CRM software.

This will allow them to monitor all the reservations in real –time and determine comprehensive or region wise room inventory at any given point. It also provides them with integrated database that can help them identify guests’ travel behavior.

Quantify ROI on various marketing channels

India today is a promising economic hub as well as an engaging tourist destination and sees equally large number of business and leisure travelers. To woo such characteristically different segment of travelers, hoteliers today need to adopt multipronged marketing strategies. Smart virtual call centre solutions like YOCC can help them manage high costs of marketing by providing quantification of advertisements. With precise data on ROI from various channels, they can wisely allocate funds to the most lucrative ones.

Provide personalized experience with innovative virtual call center

Hotels entertain culturally diverse Indian and intercontinental guests. Providing personalized services to such wide-ranging customer base becomes easy with multi-language support system on the cloud number. Intelligent call tracking can even allow the hotel to set language preferences for frequently visiting guests.

With highly customized call routing and smart call transfer provided by YOCC cloud system, loyal guests can be connected with a dedicated representative for an enriched customer service experience. Additionally it can also be used to send guests instant booking notifications and welcome message on the day of check-in, making them feel valued.

In this way virtual call center services can be intelligently and easily applied to many aspects of hotel industry. This is the right time for the hoteliers to take this next gen technology leap and boost overall growth with enhanced customer experience.