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How Cloud Telephony Helps Create a Credible Customer Support System

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Over 90% of decision makers agree that growth of a company is directly proportional to the quality of customer support provided. It is also a major factor that determines company’s goodwill. A 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer says that over 74% of customers spend more on a brand as they have received good customer service. Now that’s a number no business can ignore!

Building a Reliable Contact Center

For quick resolution of their problems, majority of customers prefer to have one-on-one assistance over the phone from any company. It is therefore important to build, manage and track a reliable contact center that will be the backbone of your customer service efforts. As traditional, manually handled business phone systems fail to meet the needs of dynamic customer support, more and more businesses are migrating to cloud telephony services to build their own virtual contact centers.

Ensure Real-time Customer Support

A virtual call center can provide real-time customer support with customer-centric automated features. With multiple call-handling facility and auto response mechanism provided by cloud telephony solutions, your customers will not have to wait to be attended. Cloud telephony also helps you provide pro-active customer support for any calls received post working hours too, through missed call notifications.

Cloud telephony service providers in India like Big V Telecom through their product YOCC also offer features like multiple language options and connecting repeat callers to the same agent to help you provide personalized services to customers. This increases customer satisfaction and helps boosts customer loyalty.

Optimize Customer Service Quality at Affordable Costs

According to 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, customers are twice as likely to share their bad customer support incident as against a positive one. With YOCC’s call recording facility you can optimize customer service quality, eliminating any chances of poor customer care. Through their web and app interface you can retrieve voice logs for all or any calls between your customers and agents to keep a track of their customer service abilities and train them accordingly.

With customized virtual call center solutions you can choose features to suit your requirements and pay accordingly. Additionally you do not need to incur any infrastructure or manpower deployment cost, making your virtual contact center a value for money proposition to create a strong customer support system.