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How Virtual Call Centers in India are Enhancing the Quality of Healthcare Services

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Since the last few years India has been experiencing unprecedented growth in the healthcare sector with medical tourism on rise. A multi-billion dollar industry, healthcare sector is seeing a year on year increase of around 13%. This is owing to cost effective and high quality treatments provided by leading multi specialty hospitals and increasing awareness about alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga, etc.

Increasing integration of virtual call center in healthcare sector in India has also given this a major boost. It is redefining the way large hospitals function today. This can be attributed to the fact that there is no additional infrastructure or man power costs involved in moving the business communication system to cloud telephony.

Customizable virtual call center solutions like YOCC by Big V Telecom, the first Tata Elxsi incubated company, make cloud telephony more accessible and affordable for hospitals. With customized automated receiving and routing of calls and multiple call handling, hospitals can ensure they do not miss any calls and provide round the clock support to the patients.

Cloud telephony is much more than a system used to streamline day to day operations. It is also an active management tool. With increasing opportunities comes increased competition. To give the healthcare providers a cutting edge over their competition, a virtual call center such as YOCC can provide a unique advantage of advertisement quantification. It can aid well informed decision making for the management on marketing strategy front by quantifying ROI from different channels.

And all this can be done with just one unique number!!!

A single cloud hosted number and multiple extensions can ensure optimum co-ordination between multiple departments and patients and act as a one point virtual contact center.

Adopt Complete Automation for Enhanced Patient Care

Where there are numerous resident and visiting doctors involved, scheduling appointments can be an extensive task. This can be taken care of with automated virtual call center services. It will allow a patient to easily and automatically schedule appointments, without any manual interaction.

Multi specialty hospitals see inflow of hundreds of new patients every day. With specially customized virtual call center solutions for hospitals they can still maintain high service standards. Hospitals can make the patients feel cared for by sending them reminder about scheduling appointments for regular or follow up check-ups or upcoming vaccinations in case of children. This ensures that hospitals can retain their patients by building goodwill among them. This will even prompt them to refer other patients, providing increased business opportunities.

Virtual call center can also help the hospital to send instant alerts to patients and enhance service quality. Alerts could be about status or reminder of their appointments or real time intimation about arrival of test reports. Hospital can even send voice or SMS alerts to doctors in case of emergencies.

With YOCC’s virtual contact center solutions, hospitals can avail many additional benefits like multi language support, live call monitoring and real time database updates. It can be seamlessly synced with patient database too. Additionally it is easily scalable to add more staff, to accommodate rapidly expanding business. Management can ensure quality control and maintenance of high service standards by monitoring robust call log analytics.  The required data can be remotely accessed by the management from anywhere by way of mobile app and web interface.

The accessibility of cloud telephony is not just limited to large scale healthcare providers. Even small and mid size clinics, pathology labs and individual healthcare professionals can avail benefits of customized and affordable cloud communication services. A healthcare center pays only for the facilities it requires and yet portrays itself as a professionally managed one.

Virtual call center services can definitely provide a boost to any business. Thus to better equip themselves, more and more private as well as public players in the healthcare industry are taking help of advanced technology like cloud telephony for 360o integration of various business facets.