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How IVR Systems Boosting Productivity in Various Sectors


What is IVR?

According to a definition by webopedia, “IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telephony technology in which someone uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database. IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone as the user’s interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to.”

IVRS Services and Its Application

At Big V Telecom we offer fully customized Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Our services are aimed at streamlining your business operations and increase productivity.

IVRS is widely utilized but not limited to, by the following domains:

  • Banking Sector
  • Telecom Sector
  • Education Sector
  • Healthcare Sector

Banking Sector: Banks get large number of calls every day. In fact, attending all the calls and then providing callers with clear solution for their query is a cumbersome task. It requires lot of time as well as manpower. But, with IVRS solutions calls can be handle very easily by the automated system. In case, the problem is complicated the system will direct the caller to the customer relationship executive for better assistance.

Many large as well as small banking institutions implement IVRS mechanisms to streamline their day to day customer relationship activities. Following are the main uses of IVR in banking sector.

  • For providing account information.
  • Providing updates on various investment opportunities.
  • For loan related queries and giving information on loan schemes.
  • In case of emergency and lodging complaints.
  • Providing product information to the customers.
  • For requests related to account details / mini statements / last transactions etc.

Telecom Sector: One of the biggest revolutions of the last decade is the exponential growth of Indian Telecom Industry. India now has second largest phone subscriber base in the world and will soon takeover China in few years.

This has meant that now more and more companies are opting for providing “Toll-free Numbers”. And, with millions of calls coming everyday it is almost impossible to handle all the traffic manually. Therefore, a trend for using automated attendant is on the rise. It has proved to be an efficient and reliable way to communicate with the customers.

IVRS is used by the Telecom industry in the following ways:

  • For providing customers their billings plan information.
  • For booking and checking the status of customer complaints.
  • Carrying out customer surveys.
  • For providing customer service (Customer Care).
  • For subscribing and unsubscribing of services (like caller tunes, hello tunes, special packs, etc.) by users.

Education Sector: In this sector the application of IVRS can be beneficial for schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, training institutes, etc. An institution can deploy this system and answer student/parent queries related to everything from admissions to exam results. IVRS can make the administration easy for these institutes and can handle maximum calls.

IVRS is utilized by education sector to provide:

  • Details of courses and subjects.
  • Registration process.
  • Examination and test schedules.
  • Declaration of results.
  • News related to various academic and cultural events
  • Information related to the educational facilities of the institution.

Healthcare Sector: Healthcare industry has always adopted new technologies quickly to better serve the needs of the people. And it is now embracing the IVRS technology too for giving seamless experience to patients and clients.

IVRS is used in some of the following ways by the healthcare sector:

  • As an auto attendant to direct callers to various departments.
  • Providing information related to patients.
  • Managing records of patients.
  • To facilitate patients to book appointments, lodge complains, know about doctors etc.