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Missed Call Marketing coupled with IVR Solutions: Key to Successful Modern Day Marketing

Modern Marketing has taken a new turn due to technological innovation in the field of telecommunications. IVR and MCM, i.e., Interactive Voice Response Campaign System and Missed Call Marketing Solutions comprise most of the modern marketing techniques through telecommunications.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that uses voice and DMTF tones input via keypad to interact with users. These systems are meant to handle huge call loads. IVR is known for its reduction of caller waiting time. In a simpler sense, IVR gives a pre-recorded audio and accepts keypad input, after it gives an option driven menu.

What is MCM?

Missed Call Marketing is an innovation that is used by entrepreneurs globally for the purpose of telecom marketing. The most basic and cheapest way for connecting to the public is MCM. MCM doesn’t require any specific app or system in the phone. One has to just place a missed call on the given number to receive the desired info in the form of a text or another incoming call. Placing a missed call is free of cost and hence MCM is widely accepted.

Simple MCM process:

  1. A ‘missed call’ number is circulated through ads and campaigns
  2. Customer places a call
  3. Call is terminated
  4. Customer receives a text or call regarding specific information

Simple IVR process:

  1. An outbound call is placed to a customer
  2. If the customer is interested he receives it otherwise, the process ends
  3. If he receives it, he is run through the menu
  4. Customer gets the info.

How can both techniques be combined to get a unique solution?

IVR and MCM can be combined to get a unique marketing solution that can be user friendly, affordable, less time consuming and really simple.

Missed Call Marketing is limited to a certain extent as the complete information isn’t necessarily received by the end user; and IVR has its chances of getting calls wasted to uninterested users. Therefore, a unique system can be created using both techniques, which will follow the following process:

  1. A ‘missed call’ is circulated through ads and campaigns
  2. Customer places a call
  3. Call is terminated
  4. An outbound call is placed to a customer
  5. The customer is run through the menu
  6. Customer gets the information.

Thus, it avoids the drawbacks of both MCM and IVR and a unique system is created that can boost marketing to a new level.

Big V Telecom, a cloud based telephony company, offers such a combined marketing system with its product, DialNDisconnect. One of the most reputed solutions providers in the telecommunications sector, Big V Telecom has developed several innovative and cutting-edge solutions, spanning across various sectors.