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Move over Conventional Business telephonic, Smart Cloud Telephony Solution is here

Business telephonic communication was never better, faster and diversified than it is toay, with the advent of feature rich-cloud telephony. Conventional business telephone systems are now being replaced with cloud hosted services at bare minimum cost.

Business communication over the years has evolved leaps and bound and cloud telephony is a major technological advancement of that evolution. Earlier business companies were trapped in software operated PBX with long drawn application procedures involving different communication channels. Today cloud telephony is taking over with a virtual single number multiple applications in terms of VoIP, routine call management, recording and tracking caller database and lots more.

Customizable and Cost Effective

Unlike conventional business communication devices, cloud telephony solutions are customized to suit individual business needs and involve no infrastructure set-up or technical manpower to handle it. It’s thus a great saver on time, money and resources. It is a perfect answer for cumbersome wide area networks, and a perfect platform to integrate diversified telecommunication gadgets.

Connectivity for Multiple Location

Traditional phone systems with wired connections and hardware requirements offer limited geographical connectivity on a single phone number. But cloud hosted telephonic systems like YOCC can connect multiple locations without geographical barriers on a single virtual number at no add-on infrastructure costs.

No More Missed Calls No More Lost Business Opportunities

Missed calls can amount to lost business opportunity and eventual financial loss to business. With Cloud Telephony’s advanced technology and rich features, missed calls and call waiting for clients is almost eliminated. In case any calls are missed by the organization, a notification is sent with details of the missed call to appropriate authorities.

Cloud Telephony enables an organization to handle multiple calls without the need of any additional phone lines or manpower. With automated call answering and smart call transferring features through IVR, Cloud Telephony gives organization a highly professional communication platform. Additionally, cloud telephony solutions like YOCC auto generate caller database, record every call on the system. These can be easily and remotely accessed in real time through mobile app and web interface, something which was just unimaginable with conventional phone systems earlier.