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Cloud Telephony Empowers Businesses with the Ultimate Tool of Communication

Telecommunication has existed for a long time, but even today, businesses in India struggle with disruptive communication setups, thanks to legacy telephone setups that have copious shortcomings. However, some that have dared to cross over to cloud telecom has a different story to tell. The scenes are starkly different on either sides. Cloud telecom solutions offer by Big V Telecom and others took off since the time it hit the market. Cloud telephony is expected to replace PBX and EPABX based telephone setups for good in the near future. So, the most practical thing to do for business at this juncture is to adapt to the change and get promoted to the newer and smarter.

To understand how cloud telephony manages to transfer the power of communication back to the businesses of India, one must learn a few things about the technology in general. Hitting the points of significance, here are some questions about cloud telephony services in India and experts’ take on them. This will help shed some clarity on the concept of cloud telephony and uninterrupted communication.

What’s New and Different in Cloud Telecom Services?

Cloud telecom companies work closely with traditional telecom service providers as well as box players. It’s a conjunction of cloud computing and traditional telephony, except that the end customers will only have cloud telephone solutions. A smarter and much improved connectivity solution, this technology is based in cloud. With the use of IVR, cloud telephony providers automate responses to incoming calls while making outgoing calls possible without the involvement of a representative. Cloud telecom services is different from consumption telephone models, in that they do not have cumbersome set up issues, no in-house equipment to maintain, no fat bill to pay or disruptions to bear.

The idea behind cloud telephony is to open the otherwise siloed, closed and totally proprietary system of telecom and take it over to the Internet which is a teeming ecosystem of users, developers and other experts and open it up. That itself makes the system so much more multi-functional and effective. It gives people more control, control to choose the calls they want to answer, those that they simply want to block, others they want to route, plug infinite extensions to one line and keep it going all day and night long, without the help of a representative. The cherry on the cake is, none of the calls clash even if they ring at the same time, so no one has to be on hold.

Some Examples of Companies That Have Benefited from Cloud Telecom Solutions

A number of e-commerce and banking companies had grabbed at the opportunity the moment they arrived, and they have made no secret of their full approval of this system. eCommerce companies in India like Flipkart and Jabong depend heavily on cloud telephony services. The service enables these merchants to make timely deliveries, quick confirmations, dispatch information and other things very easily. Even courier companies like Bluedart have benefitted largely from the use of virtual phone number.

If you are looking to buy toll free number from a reliable provider, then Big V Telecom has a bunch to offer. One of the cloud telecom giants of India, Big V Telecom is a very well reputed IVR service provider in India. Big V also currently hosts new franchise opportunity for those interested in low-investment franchises.

A Quiz to Find Out If Your Enterprise Needs Cloud Telephony Solutions

When a new technology arrives in the market, entrepreneurs find themselves going into a standby mode. Most businessmen like to wait it out to learn more about it from first-hand users before they even consider it. That’s prudent because a product that hasn’t been reviewed at all is a risk. If you feel the same about cloud telephony, then here is a quiz that ends all dilemma. Listed below are a few questions that help answer if cloud telephony would mean new business opportunities for your house or is it another trivial investment you can dodge without missing anything. To help clients make the right pick, Big V Telecom and similar companies offer a formal consultation at the start.

Just to make a clean appearance of things right from the start, whether you own a franchise in India or your own company, you need to have a flawless communication system in place that bridges the distance between your company and its clients most effectively. Now, let’s get started on the questions.


What is Cloud Telephony?

In case you are still not clear about it, cloud telephony is a communication system, more precisely a digital infrastructure that enables automation of communication. Recently identified as a driving asset of businesses, it is a digital tool that helps widen the reach of businesses, frequents communication helps companies serve their clients better on phone. Experts opine that digital tools like an Interactive Voice Response System or IVR are indispensable to businesses of today, and that is irrespective of the sector or size.

To make things a touch more plain, cloud telephony solutions is the means of transferring a business’s telephone infrastructure from legacy setup to what we know as cloud. Through an IVR software, incoming and outgoing calls may or may not use the existing fixed phone lines and other mobile devices, but the calls will be entirely digital, transmitted and routed through the Internet.


When I Consider It for My Company? Does It Mean New Business Opportunities?

You want to consider cloud telephony services for your business for number of reasons. The first of the advantages of this telecom solution will shed some light on that question. Broadly speaking, there are three reasons why companies are considering using cloud telephony and why you should too. In a nut shell, they are:

  • To reduce the costs of operation by a wide margin
  • To better the quality of service perceivably
  • To develop new and improved services that your clients can’t refuse to avail


What Are the Signs That Point Towards the Need of Cloud Telecom Solutions for Franchise in India?

Alternately, you can read the signs that your business is giving you to decide whether to migrate to cloud telephony solutions or stick to your old telephone setup.

Distributed workforce with lots of remote workers, mobile staffs and multiple office locations.

A running fleet of field operatives that could use a central telephone system.

Requiring customer verification and call recording

Big V Telecom is one of the top providers of cloud telephony solutions in India with clients from all industries. Through Big V Telecom, you can get a toll free number right from this instant. Just dial a number, and a virtual number will be set up for you within the next hours.

Toll Free Numbers and How They Work

Advertisements often carry a ten-digit toll free number where companies can be reached at for queries and support. These numbers you will also see at the back of your debit/credit card, on cartons and packages, and receipts and challans. In India, the numbers offered by the likes of Big V Telecom typically start with 1800 which is the standard national prefix. The number does not signify a particular location so to speak, but only the fact that it’s a toll free number. Businesses use toll free numbers as a live channel of communication with their clients. These toll free number are no different than a phone line, except that it’s a parcel of many superb features that are missing in the latter. So in addition to new business opportunities in India, cloud telephony brings with it this incredible service.

More on Toll-Free Numbers

A toll free number is typically used for customer service calling, which is how modern businesses serve their clients on telephone. Now if you are not familiar with the concept of toll-free, it means that a caller can dial the number and talk to a company representative for any length of time without having to bear the cost of the call. Like call collect, it does not cost the caller anything. These numbers offered by cloud telephony companies have opened up a cost-free and convenient channel of communication for companies and their clients. In some cases however, calling at a toll free number may cost a wireless caller airtime minutes unless they are on a plan that allows unlimited calling.

How It Works?

Cloud telephony companies offer toll free numbers as a way to maintain location and call cost neutrality, the two things that make calling convenient for the callers. Big V Telecom and similar companies offer numbers with a standard 1-1800 prefix. The rest of the number however can be anything you want it to be. Come up with your own combination or let the company generate you one, whichever suits you. As long as the number is not already in use, it is assigned to the claimant right away. In that, it’s a first-come-first-serve system for these numbers. The sooner you book a number with Big V Telecom or similar companies, the greater are your chances of grabbing it before anyone else does. Seldom do companies miss the new franchise opportunity or the chance to put together a number that register easily in the mind.

These numbers are offered by service providers like Big V Telecom whose own service is called YOCC or Your Own Call Center. A toll free number, like all telephone number is portable, which means every subscriber has the privilege to port it as and when needed. It is not a location-specific number which gives it a nation-wide usability. The toll free telephone number, though public, has a database which is exclusively accessible to the subscribers alone.

Big V Telecom is one of the names that is most relevant to the Indian telecom industry at this point. It is one of the forerunners of cloud telephony that has brought numerous industries in its folds through business opportunities in India and scalable telephone service.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business

Businesses these days operate through hotlines and that’s a trend that caught up faster than any other phenomenon in the trade world. Using a ten digit telephone number, which in most cases is toll free, companies stay connected with their customers 24/7. But you probably know this already. What you may not know however is how easy it is to get these numbers these days through providers like Big V Telecom. Irrespective of the size or age of your venture, you can qualify for a toll free telephone number. To make things a little more exciting, the choices of toll free number service provider in the market is practically infinite.

Let’s take you through the very process of getting a toll free number for business. It’s basically an if-I-can-do-it-anybody-can-do-it drill. You don’t have to be an expert in telecom technology or a prior user to get a toll-free number easily. But, there is definitely a method that cut through the chase and get you your number in the shortest time possible. Read about it ahead.

Pick a Kind

To get started, you have to understand the kinds of toll-free numbers that are out there. There are primarily three kinds of toll free number for business, namely, vanity, easy dial and tracking numbers. As most businesses go with either of the first two, most with the second, let’s just cover them for now.

The first or the vanity number is a mix of numerals and alphabets, not at random, but a meaningful alphanumeric combination. So, for instance, if your business is into window cleaning, your company’s toll free number could be a set of numbers and WindowCleaning, with a hyphen in between. You can create your own combination to suit the purpose. This, compared to an all numeric number, is easy to remember.

The second is the easy-dial number which your customers can save on their phone and dial directly. These numbers usually occur in 10 digits and often have repetitions of numbers for easy remembering. A user is at liberty to pick their number in which they may or may not choose to have repetitions.

The Standard Prefix

In case you don’t know, a prefix of a toll-free number is the first three digits that the number starts with. As much as you are entitled to get toll free number India that suits your business best, your choice of prefix in India is only one. With Big V Telecom and similar companies it is 1-800.


Make the Buy Right Away

To get toll free number India, just go to the webpage of the provider and navigate to the Toll Free Number page. Somewhere on that page will be the Buy icon. Just hit and the instructions will take you through. Buying toll free numbers through providers like Big V Telecom is only a matter of minutes. It is short and instant and even before you know, they will set you up with a YOCC line to get started instantly. A toll free line obtained from a stellar provider has multi-level IVR, call recording, call tracking, call transfer, SMS, app management and tons of other useful features.

Big V Telecom is a prime toll free number service provider in India. In addition to that, its services include PowerSchool, DialNDisconnect and more.

Big V Telecom says that franchise opportunities can be truly lucrative

There is variety of franchise opportunities in market but everyone may not find all scopes as their cup of tea. The potential of every business opportunity cannot be explored by every individual entrepreneur and that is why understanding a business franchise opportunity is much needed before you respond. For example, if you can understand the potential of Big V Telecom offered franchise business openings and its relevance to today’s market, the chance of success out of the franchise business gets almost doubled.

As digital communication is the buzz word for today’s business development, and cloud telephony is the new method business organizations are adapting to, aspiring entrepreneurs looking for new business opening, have found this business breakthrough quite lucrative for quite a number of reasons. Let’s see a few of them:

Digital marketing is becoming mobile responsive

In India the numbers of mobile users are increasing almost at daily basis. Companies targeting their audience for spreading their marketing campaign may tap mobile users by marketing plans like miss call campaigning, etc. Big V Telecom being the leading toll free number provider in India under our flagship service YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre and other hosted telecommunication services like the miss call service named DialNDisconnect, has high market potential. Companies willingly subscribe such services for getting their product promotion in a user friendly cost-efficient way.

There is natural market demand

Communication is the key mantra of successful business sustenance and development. Efficient, timely, and seamless communications can win the success quotient, therefore every business house in Indian business market is thriving for improving their business communication standard and that makes a special niche for cloud based telephone system for its optimum performance. As a result business dealing with digital telephony has a great potential to explore!

Cloud Telephony franchisee opportunity from this communication specialist can utilize a huge database readily available in Indian business community: Indian entrepreneurs can make a business paradise simply by selling cloud based telephony system to this niche.

A new business opportunity with low starting cost

If a new business opportunity is identified in market with proven income potential and with low investment benefits, it is quite obvious that the opportunity will be counted as the most lucrative one. This is the case with Big V Telecom Franchisee. Business enthusiasts can try their luck and as the mother company offers constant monitoring and support facility, it is easier for them to get the breakthrough.

Other allied advantages of cloud telephony business

There other allied advantages of pursuing new business opportunity offered by Big V. These are,

  • No specific technical experience is needed
  • There is no age or qualification bar for the franchise applicants
  • The company offers 24×7 support for franchise units
  • There is hardly any infrastructure cost to start the business
  • There is no specific demand of recruiting expensive technicians, etc.
  • The mother company offers customized quality telephony products

These are the trending reasons business enthusiasts are shifting their focus on these cloud based tele- communication business out of many other franchise opportunities. It has been proved that the business has great scope to grow and earn, which can be the fortune maker of a businessman regardless he is an old player or a newbie.

Big V Telecom is the leading toll free number provider in India as well as it is one of the most comprehensive cloud telephony service providers. The franchisee units under this company are doing good in market.

Reasons Why Big and Small Businesses Should Have a Toll Free Number

Just having a toll free number alone can stand your business out from most others in the market. Although toll free numbers is not uncommon in today’s time, it is still quite a new concept in small businesses. But regrettably, not all small business owners agree to a need to have one for their business. In the long run, that only serves to keep a business behind in the race. If you are going to have to do something, why leave it for later? Big V Telecom and a handful of other companies have come to offer some great solutions for this, aside opportunities for low cost franchises. But, first, let’s brief you on the exclusive benefits of a toll free number, and why small traders should be interested.

Positive Branding

The first thing that a toll free number brings to a business is positive branding. How? In business, perception is everything. A phone number gives your customers access to your business, a toll free number gives them free and round the clock access, plus a good impression and lots of credibility. So, that’s branding, if you know what I mean. So, a 1800 toll free number is, in a way, that real estate property that fetches you arrears all the time, every time.

Good Customer Service

Looking for a rather effective way to level up your customer service? Buy toll free number From Big V Telecom or similar providers and announce to your customers that you care enough to make the phone calls to you free. Back in 2000, only banks and the biggest organizations had toll free numbers. It was looked at as a really convenient feature for a business to encourage communication from the clients’ end and a nice token of thanks to the clients in exchange of their time and effort to reach out. So, a good way of serving your customers better is to make sure that they can pick up the phone and dial you any time they want without having to spend their talk minutes on it.

Wide Presence

If you thought that there is only one way to grow your business, you probably are not seeing the bigger picture. There are plenty other ways to grow your business, increasing your presence is one of them. Increasing your accessibility is one such way. The subject of online presence has been talked ad nauseum in the past. Now, here is a way to make that possible without spending recklessly on branding. Buy toll free number and watch your presence grow domestically and outside.


Businesses lose profitability owing to seemingly small things. A change in a government policy, a bad press, a product that tanked, a social media post that went awry, practically anything can impact your business’s profitability, but only a few that can truly boost it. A toll free number is one of those few things. Your 1800 toll free number makes you location-neutral and yet, always within the orbit of access.


The 1800 toll free number is after all an advanced marketing strategy that benefits both involved. It helps you track down the results of your marketing effort, while making one-on-one advertisements possible.

Big V Telecom is one of the most reputable providers of cloud telephony services in India. It offers toll free numbers for businesses as well as supporting services.

5 Common Myths of Cloud Telephony Debunked

Advanced technologies today provide solutions to ease many complex business processes. One such technology is Cloud Telephony that helps you automate business telephony to a great extent. Although 33% of businesses world over would switch to cloud telephony some hesitate. This is owing to the general anxiety surrounded with every new technology upgrade about its credibility, effectiveness, value proposition etc. As a business looking at upgrading its communication systems, you too might have some questions about migrating your phone systems to the cloud. So here we are to debunk some common myths or misconceptions associated with cloud telephony solutions!

Myth 1: “Data is not secured with cloud telephony

Many businesses worry about the security of their data. They feel that migrating to cloud telephony would put their crucial business data at risk of theft or treachery or even total loss.

Myth busted: Making the move to cloud business phone system can help your organization to lead a substantially more secure conversation. Encryption of voice parcels is conceivable with perfect equipment. The internet servers that these cloud technologies use are on a highly secured network. Leading service providers employ protection systems that do not compromise on your data storage and accessibility. All the data you store is perfectly accessible from anywhere, but only for authorized people.

Myth 2:It involves high cost and maintenance”

Businesses are scared that cloud telephony involves high infrastructure investment and will entail high maintenance cost too.

Myth busted: Cloud based business phone systems are quite economical in comparison to on premise PBX phone systems when you switch to cloud-based business phone system there is no initial set up cost as everything is cloud hosted. You can conveniently switch to cloud telephony by integrating your existing phones and mobiles. So, there aren’t any hardware maintenance charges to add o to your costs too.

Myth 3Small businesses don’t need cloud telephony

SMEs feel cloud telephony is only useful for businesses with high turnover, multiple locations, and high spending capacity.

Myth busted: Every business, irrespective of its size can and should switch their business phone system to cloud. Why? Well, cloud telephony offers features such as call tracking, IVR system, Call forwarding, etc which help your business not to lose opportunities coming from those phone calls you get. For example, when you have a cloud telephony system in place and you get calls, the IVR welcomes your caller with a professional voice which projects your business as highly professional and sizeable. Also, in case you’ve fewer members to attend customer calls, cloud telephony tracks all the missed calls so that you can reach them back. Thus, small businesses too can equally benefit from a cloud telephony system just like the big enterprises. In fact, cloud telephony will help them to compete with the bigger competitors in the industry.

Myth 4It requires proper call center set up” (This point needs more clarity)

Hosting a cloud call centre requires a physical set-up, a separate premise to set up equipments and additional manpower to handle it.

Myth busted: Cloud Telephony solutions are designed to reduce costs for businesses. Having a cloud hosted call center solution will provide you all the benefits of a usual call centre minus the high costs. When you’ve a cloud telephony solution for your business, everything is set up on cloud. There’s no requirement of any hardware installation or maintenance. In fact the workforce you require for handling too many customer calls also reduces. Cloud Telephony’s smart features will route customer calls effectively without getting too many employees involved into the process or making callers wait to talk to your representatives

Myth 5Not as reliable as conventional telephony

Indian businesses, especially the SMBs still widely depend on phones to conduct their business. Will cloud telephony provide reliable connectivity and value added services?

Myth busted: Cloud Telephony is as reliable as any other advanced technology in the market. In fact, studies say that out of 10 organizations, 6 are using cloud telephony to take their business phone system to the next level. Also, the features that the traditional system might not give can be given by the cloud telephony system. We at Big V Telecom ensure 99.9% uptime of YOCC and 24×7 connectivity for your customers.

Pristine Properties Simplifies Multiple Project Handling with YOCC Cloud Telephony

YOCC - Pristine

Established in the year 1988, Pristine Properties is a reputed enterprise focusing on developing luxurious gated communities with the best of amenities. With numerous developments in some of Pune’s most prime locations, Pristine Properties has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. Not just residential developments, Pristine Properties has also developed landmarks in the commercial, hospitality, warehousing sectors and SEZ’s as well.

Pristine’s Business Communication Challenges and YOCC Solutions:

With multiple large scale projects running simultaneously across Pune, Pristine receives large number of calls every day. To attend the same it has a vast network of sales team. Monitoring the handling of the leads by various executives and tracking their individual as well as overall performance of each project was very complex and time consuming.

To manage, co-ordinate and streamline leads generated through calls amongst their sales executives, they have been using YOCC cloud telephony services since 2011. With sequential call routing, they ensure that the calls were equally distributed amongst the team members. Additionally, sticky agent feature in the YOCC system ensures any repeated call from a customer is handled by the same sales executive who attended the call first time.

With increasing number of projects and their long completion span, Pristine preferred taking new YOCC numbers for every new project.

This helps them:

  • Get project wise database
  • Judge real time response to individual project advertisements
  • Zero-in on hot leads and pursue them
  • Makes long term end-to-end coordination for an individual project easy on single virtual number.
  • Admin alert ensures that sales executives receive complete details of the call received by them.

Move over Conventional Business telephonic, Smart Cloud Telephony Solution is here

Business telephonic communication was never better, faster and diversified than it is toay, with the advent of feature rich-cloud telephony. Conventional business telephone systems are now being replaced with cloud hosted services at bare minimum cost.

Business communication over the years has evolved leaps and bound and cloud telephony is a major technological advancement of that evolution. Earlier business companies were trapped in software operated PBX with long drawn application procedures involving different communication channels. Today cloud telephony is taking over with a virtual single number multiple applications in terms of VoIP, routine call management, recording and tracking caller database and lots more. Continue reading

Cloud Telephony – Backbone of Modern Day Business Communication

Today business communication scenario is rapidly changing. Organizations are shifting from traditional business telephony systems with limited call handling and location connecting capabilities – to technologically advanced cloud telephony solutions.

Here’s what lead to this shift…

In wake of globalization of economic activities, businesses today function from one location, utilize services of vendors from another location and cater to customers sitting hundreds of miles away at different locations. In such dynamic environment, having effective one-on-one communication channel is of utmost importance for conducting day to day activities without interruption.

The most common mode of real-time communication has by far been telephonic. But traditional telephony solutions posed challenges for management in terms of monitoring on call interactions on multiple phone numbers, tracking customer issues and solutions, maintaining customer database for different locations and so on.

Overcoming barriers with Virtual Telephonic Solutions

With high flexibility, scalability, seamless remote connectivity and multitudinous other reasons Cloud based telephony solutions like YOCC have become the backbone of modern-day businesses.

  • Low Cost & No Maintenance:

Implementing cloud telephony solutions does not require any infrastructure set up or expert manpower as everything is hosted on the cloud, managed by service providers and can be used on any telephonic and mobile device. No longer do the businesses need to use high maintenance in-office EPABX systems, eliminating the need for any kind of capital investment. Additionally, the payment has to be made as per the usage, making it one of the most cost-effective communication channels.

  • Multi-location connectivity on Single Virtual Number:

A single virtual number provided by cloud telephony services like YOCC from Big V Telecom can connect multiple geographically scattered locations with multiple extensions. Adding locations or removing one from the system; or even moving the number from one location to another can be done without any hassle in no time.

  • Multiple Call Handling:

Cloud telephony system can handle multiple calls simultaneously on a single number with automated voice prompts and routing calls to organizational representatives in any pre-determined pattern. Cloud telephony ensures that there is no call waiting for callers and zero missed calls and business opportunities for organization.

  • Remote Accessibility:

Cloud telephony provides immense flexibility to employees from anywhere. With flexibility to work and communicate on the go, cloud telephony helps increase overall productivity. It also provides much needed strategic control to management with remote accessibility to auto generated caller database and call analytics through web and mobile app interface.


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