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Benefits of using Outbound IVR Solutions to Conduct Surveys

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Consumer opinions play a very important role in determining the success and future course of a company. This is why companies adopt various methods to take consumer feedback on existing products and services and also to understand consumer expectations while developing new ones.

Many a times questionnaires sent through E-mails and SMS tend to be lost amongst the others received or overlooked as they require subsequent actions from survey takers. On the other hand voice based surveys are less likely to be missed by the consumers. Research shows that voice based surveys achieve higher response rate from consumers because they are personally targeted and make the consumers feel valued.

Large-scale voice based surveys if manually handled tend to take up a lot of time and require engaging large manpower resources too. In order to overcome these constraints many businesses today opt to take services of Outbound IVR providers like Big V Telecom – first Tata Elxsi incubate company, to undertake market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

What is Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR is an intelligent voice based bulk customer outreach system that can assist in surveys on the basis of customer DTMF inputs. This means that customers are asked to select options by pressing relevant number keys. Outbound IVR is popular method of survey among many businesses due to the following benefits it provides.

  1. Survey large sample in less time: Since surveys conducted through Outbound IVR are automated and cloud hosted, many consumers can be called simultaneously. Thus within a short span of time business can survey a large database of consumers.


  1. Customized Scheduling: If it’s a post purchase survey or feedback about customer service quality it can also be scheduled after taking prior permission during primary interaction. The survey can be scheduled keeping in mind the general convenience and availability of the consumers.


  1. Get unbiased responses: The inputs provided by the consumers during the survey are directly registered in the database. Since there is no human element involved from the business-end while recording responses, they can safely be assumed to be unbiased and error free.


  1. Faster Data Analysis: With survey data automatically generated and entered in the system, it is also analyzed instantly. This provides quick results on completion of survey for the business to act upon. In case of consumer satisfaction survey, any negative feedback can be instantly identified by setting up required triggers and corrective actions can be taken with follow-up calls from the business representatives.

 5. Highly Cost Effective: Since businesses can conveniently hire Outbound IVR services on demand from cloud telephony providers like Big V Telecom they do not need to make any investment for infrastructure setup. Also since everything is automated right from conducting survey to analyzing the results, it can be accomplished with minimal manpower resources.