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How Virtual Call Centers prove to be an Intelligent Call Management System?

Businesses these days are growing at a rapid pace, and in today’s world everything is just a phone call away! With the current growth of Start ups in India, it is a must to have your own virtual call center. Traditional call centers include a huge infrastructure, millions of rupees of investments and a lot of manpower. Wouldn’t it be great if this expensive set up could be simply replaced by Virtual Call Centers with utmost simplicity?


Yes, cost affordability is the most important factor that makes virtual call centers a lucrative option. This is because virtual call centers neither require any infrastructure set up to be initiated within the premise nor does it warrant any in-house recruiting for technical manpower. All this is take care of by service providers like Big V Telecom, the first company incubated by Tata Elxsi.


Enables monitoring, quality control and data analysis

Cloud hosted call center services like YOCC from Big V provide complete and easy control over all the calls and the incidental data generated from them. As we all know business communication needs close monitoring and time to time checks from managers. With YOCC’s system in place you can effectively record all the calls, later download and play them to analyze how your executives are actually speaking to your prospective clients and suggest improvements.


It is also possible to completely monitor and quantify the advertisements you put in various forms of media and get accurate Return on Investment analysis.


Provides flexibility to Business and its employees

Virtual Call Centers let your employees work from anywhere, any location and any city. Now they no longer have to sit in a dedicated place just to attend calls and they can also work from home. Yes employee satisfaction and benefit is a concern for any organization and cloud hosted business telephony lets you take care of it.


Ensure complete client satisfaction and increased business

With the multiple call-handling facilities you no longer lose business enquiries and all your calls are routed and diverted effectively to the concerned departments.


Virtual Call Centers are making client experience more satisfactory and engaging by all means. It is possible for your client to record feedbacks and suggestions in their own voice and additionally their voice would be a great testimony for your new and prospective clients. Such important services add to the goodwill and image of the company and our solution is a proven technology and an intelligent call management system by all means.