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Reasons Why Big and Small Businesses Should Have a Toll Free Number

Just having a toll free number alone can stand your business out from most others in the market. Although toll free numbers is not uncommon in today’s time, it is still quite a new concept in small businesses. But regrettably, not all small business owners agree to a need to have one for their business. In the long run, that only serves to keep a business behind in the race. If you are going to have to do something, why leave it for later? Big V Telecom and a handful of other companies have come to offer some great solutions for this, aside opportunities for low cost franchises. But, first, let’s brief you on the exclusive benefits of a toll free number, and why small traders should be interested.

Positive Branding

The first thing that a toll free number brings to a business is positive branding. How? In business, perception is everything. A phone number gives your customers access to your business, a toll free number gives them free and round the clock access, plus a good impression and lots of credibility. So, that’s branding, if you know what I mean. So, a 1800 toll free number is, in a way, that real estate property that fetches you arrears all the time, every time.

Good Customer Service

Looking for a rather effective way to level up your customer service? Buy toll free number From Big V Telecom or similar providers and announce to your customers that you care enough to make the phone calls to you free. Back in 2000, only banks and the biggest organizations had toll free numbers. It was looked at as a really convenient feature for a business to encourage communication from the clients’ end and a nice token of thanks to the clients in exchange of their time and effort to reach out. So, a good way of serving your customers better is to make sure that they can pick up the phone and dial you any time they want without having to spend their talk minutes on it.

Wide Presence

If you thought that there is only one way to grow your business, you probably are not seeing the bigger picture. There are plenty other ways to grow your business, increasing your presence is one of them. Increasing your accessibility is one such way. The subject of online presence has been talked ad nauseum in the past. Now, here is a way to make that possible without spending recklessly on branding. Buy toll free number and watch your presence grow domestically and outside.


Businesses lose profitability owing to seemingly small things. A change in a government policy, a bad press, a product that tanked, a social media post that went awry, practically anything can impact your business’s profitability, but only a few that can truly boost it. A toll free number is one of those few things. Your 1800 toll free number makes you location-neutral and yet, always within the orbit of access.


The 1800 toll free number is after all an advanced marketing strategy that benefits both involved. It helps you track down the results of your marketing effort, while making one-on-one advertisements possible.

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