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Stay Connected 24 X 7

By just dialing a given Jansamwaad number people can know about the leader/party anytime and from anywhere. A leader can listen and keep follow ups of people’s complaints and update them about current issues and party’s initiatives in each area, also share with volunteers, workers & masses the election campaign schedule.

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Multi Language Support

Reach the masses in diverse local languages, touch their hearts and understand their problems. Jansamwaad is the real bridge between the leader/party and masses in the true sense. Let them convey their feedback, appreciations and grievances in their own languages.

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Karyakarta/Volunteer/Party Worker Helpline

The solution works offline as well and is an interactive platform where a leader can keep the volunteers motivated by resolving their issues and providing appropriate guidance.  It is effective to mobilize and coordinate all activities of Volunteers.

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Telephony Portfolio of leader/party

Get connected with multiple callers including masses, followers, supporters and party workers and convey them your party vision, thoughts, messages at the same time. Share the information about the important developmental activities done by party or leader till date, announce upcoming events.