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Contact Centre Automation with YOCC’s Smart Cloud Telephony Services
…So you can focus on what really matters – Growing Your Business!!!

YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre is one the most features rich cloud hosted telephony solution that can seamlessly automate your entire business telephony system, enhance your customer service standards and effortlessly streamline your business operations. Whether you are an MNC or an SME or a start-up, Big V Telecom’s YOCC is sure to fit in your technical as well as budgetary requirements as you can pick and choose the features that best fit your virtual number needs.

YOCC is Big V Telecom’s flagship product that makes the company rank as leading profitable and affordable franchise opportunities.

A Single Virtual Number Solution to Run your Entire Business

Connect Multiple Locations and Departments: YOCC can add multiple extensions to your Cloud telephony solution India for all your locations, departments and employees and your mobile office is ready for business.

Get Toll free / Non-Toll Free Number: You can choose an easy to remember Toll free or Non-Toll free virtual number or even choose to continue your existing number.

Multi-Language Support: Greet and serve customers in the language of their choice with top of the line multi lingual cloud contact centre. Think Global But Act Local!

Multi-level Professional IVR: YOCC multi-level IVR Solution helps smartly streamline all strategic business units on single hosted number


Not just a Call Management System but A Cloud Telephony based Strategic Management Tool

Quantification of Advertisements: YOCC is the only cloud telephony product which allows out of the box quantification of revenue coming from each advertisement channel.
Remote Monitoring: YOCC enables live as well as recorded Call monitoring to listen to any or every call between agents and customers and ensure high customer service standards.
Robust Call Analytics: View comprehensive call analytics, agent specific call reports and more using the YOCC web interface and mobile app to get insightful inputs on inbound calls.
Automated Database Generation: YOCC automatically records caller database that can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM for insights on customer behaviour.


Streamline Business Operations & Enhance Customer Service with Seamless Automation

Smart Call Transfer: YOCC can intelligently transfer calls to anywhere in the world whether landline or mobile, facilitating flexibility and increased productivity.
Sticky Agents: Provide your callers the convenience of speaking with the same agent. It accelerates query resolution and gives the caller a personal experience each time.
Customizable Call Routing: You can choose how your incoming calls are routed amongst your agents. It can be in a set pattern or simply random.
Zero Missed Calls: YOCC can handle multiple calls at once and leave no caller waiting or result in a missed call.

Experience Best Cloud Telephony Solution in India with YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre!

Not Just Inbound, YOCC can be your Virtual Outbound Call Management System too!

YOCC Outbound IVR is an intelligent voice based bulk customer outreach system. It allows you to seamlessly customize, control and push voice calls to customers for promotions, alerts, feedback and a lot more!



It simplifies bulk outreach. You simply need to upload your entire customer database and let Outbound IVR automatically pick and call. Its hassle free and accurate. You can undertake feedback surveys, schedule agent calls and understand customer behaviour on the basis of customer DTMF input.


Did you Know?

Voice based customer feedback requests are 4 times more likely to get responses than text based forms.

What makes Big V Telecom a Smart & Preferred Choice as Cloud Telephony Provider?

• Zero Infrastructure & Manpower Investment
• Highly Secured and Dependable with 99.95% uptime
• 100% Customizable & Scalable
• 24 x 7 Client Support

Big V Telecom is one of the leading cloud telephony companies offering lucrative franchise opportunities!

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