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Stand Out from the Crowd with Cloud Telephony Powered Audio Profile

What is Audio Profile?

Audio Profile is an innovative way to tell people how good you are at what you do! It is a unique, voice-based cloud telephony solution for professionals where you can upload your entire work profile which can be heard by simply dialing a single number.

Why Opt for Audio Profile – Most Innovative Cloud Telephony Solution in India

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Amongst thousands of written profiles/applications received by clients or interviewers or talent hunters, Audio Profile is a smart solution to stand out in a crowd through innovative technology.
  • Get Your Professional Identity:  Tell people how good you are at what you do with an out of the box approach towards explaining your skills and efficiencies to employers. Your unique Audio Profile number will become your professional identity.
  • Beyond Geographical Barriers: Audio CV also automates your entire outreach. It maximizes the reach of your profile to employers by simply hosting it in the cloud and allowing anyone with a phone to hear it from anywhere across the globe.
  • Multi-purpose: Audi Profile is not just applicable for job seekers but also for creative artists, freelance professionals or even for matrimonial purpose.

Did you know you? As a Corporate, you can use Audio Profiles to introduce your Agents / Relationship Mangers / Advisors to your Clients.

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Here’s what makes Audio Profile the most feature-rich concept

  • Unlimited Storage: You can record your profile in great details, with testimonials from previous employers or clients as Audio Profile provides unlimited space.
  • Multi-language: You can record your profile in multiple languages which can be accessed through IVR Services
  • Easily Editable: You can edit your information from anywhere at anytime, just through your phone.
  • Record in your Own/Professional Voice: You can record your profile in your own voice or take help from a professional voice artist or even celebrity.
  • Database Recording: You will receive an automated database of callers who accessed your Audio Profile.
  • Easily Accessible: Your Audio Profile number is easy to share and can be easily accessed through an ordinary telephone without being dependent on internet or a printed CV.

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Showcase your professional expertise

Create customized Audio Resume and impress the employers in an innovative way. Eliminate the chance of being overlooked. Update the resume easily and let the employer listen to your audio bio-data by simply dialling the audio profile number.

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1-Showcase Your Professional Expertise-AP
2-The Voice Match Maker-AP

The voice match maker

Let an audio matrimonial profile SPEAK about your personality, thoughts, likes and family. This is a unique and highly useful means of communication for families looking for marriage proposals for their son or daughter. Add emotions and make your matrimonial profile lively.

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Audio advertisements

Your audio classifieds work relentlessly 24x7 in contrast to the printed classified which are published only for 2-3 days. One can listen to your complete and even additional requirement by dialing the printed Audio Classified Number in your ad without any space limitation.  These Audio Classifieds last long and make an unforgettable impression on the consumers’ memory. Get the list of every call received in response.

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3-Audio Advertisements-AP
4-Audio Visiting Cards-AP

Audio visiting cards

Your ‘Marketing Tool’ is the role that is played by the Audio Visiting Cards. You just have to share your Audio Profile number through mails, websites or social media. Any person dialling the number would be able to listen to your detailed and customized contact information.

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