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BULK VOICE CALLS is a technique to manage your outgoing calls; it helps you to reduce the manual calling effort and cost. BULK VOICE CALLS is designed for any company that makes bulk outgoing calls regularly.

Increasing outbound call traffic shall no longer be your concern. BULK VOICE CALLS is on cloud and hence easily scalable. BULK VOICE CALLS helps make business communications easier and  faster for companies, groups, businesses, and organizations everywhere. Initiate the calls online or from your phone, record voice messages by using your existing number; it is really simple and quick.

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages broadcasted instantly as an incoming call to mobile and landline networks in bulk quantity across the world sitting right in your office or home! Manually calling too many numbers to convey the same message is difficult and expensive. With personalized & user friendly Web Interface send your bulk voice calls easily!

Web based detailed reporting panel makes it easier to track the performance and configure the services. We also have APIs for integrating the Call triggers from your existing system.


2 Way Bulk Voice Calling

Imagine yourself promoting your products and services in bulk by calling masses and get immediate response out of it. It is possible with the latest virtual telephony solutions. It is an ideal communication tool for lead generation.

Example: Healthcare Solution. English- “Greetings from Appolo hospital… this is to inform you there is a free health check up camp at Appolo hospital on ( schedule date and time), kindly come and get yourself checked. Stay healthy! To register press 1… “

Hindi-“Apollo Hospital  mein aapka hardik swagat hai,   Hum aapko yaha suchit karna chahte hai ki, Apollo Hospital mein nishulk  svasthya  janch shivir hone wali hai(schedule date and time ),  toh aaiye aur apne svastha ki janch nishulk karaye…Swasth rahe….Panjikaran karne ke liye 1 dabaye”.

The future is Voice

Voice SMS is faster than text messaging, more convenient than voicemail, and more powerful than either of them. Voice SMS conveys more information than text; it expresses emotion, inflection, and attitude. Hearing someone say or sing “Happy Birthday” is much more meaningful than reading the words.

Wide-Spread Product Promotions

Bulk Voice Call proves extremely helpful in new product launches, product promotions which need to be done effectively with emotions and expressions. A Voice call can carry the required emotions and convey the Right Message to the Right Audience.

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bulk voice timely reminder

Timely Reminders

Various organizations need to send reminders and alerts to consumers and users periodically and due to large number of users it becomes very difficult. With Bulk Voice Call, customized Voice messages can be sent to thousands of people within seconds.

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Reduce Cost & Time

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages broadcasted instantly as an incoming call to mobile or land-line numbers in bulk quantity across the country. Bulk voice call saves time and efforts of calling many people. You can do it now with just few clicks!

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bulk voice rduce cost

Highly Effective

Voice messages can be understood by everyone. It  proves highly effective in case of elderly people, layman and illiterates. Bulk Voice Call enables messages to be broadcasted in any regional language.

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