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Ccallify From Big V Telecom - Bulk Voice Call IVR Cloud Telephony Services India


Ccallify is an innovative cloud telephony based communication technology offered by Big V Telecom. It will enable consumers to connect with the company’s desired departments from various digital platforms through free and instant inward call. Combined with IVR Solution, Ccallify will ensure smoother communication and direct interaction of consumers with the concerned departments or representatives in the company from any digital platform.

Ccallify can be integrated on all your Digital Platforms:

• Website • Social Media Accounts • Mobile Apps • Newsletters/Email


Benefits of Integrating Ccallify – Cloud Telephony based Service to Your Digital Platforms

Increase Engagement Level: Integrating Ccallify on you digital platforms will enable them provide two-way communication facility at no cost to customers and thereby increase their engagement levels.
Build a Customer Friendly Image: Ccallify helps you to provide proactive customer care, by connecting with them through free and instant call backs from their desired departments.
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment: If you are an e-commerce platform or provide online sales, Ccalify can drastically reduce shopping cart abandonment rate by encouraging customers to talk to your representatives and clear any doubts in buying product or services.
24×7 Information Availability: Ccallify’s automated call-in functionality with pre recorded messages, combined with 99.9%uptime, makes it a qualitative, automated 24 hours Customer Care Cloud Telephony Solution in India.
Reduce Overhead Cost: Ccallify can be completely automated to efficiently handle routine inquiries without human intervention thereby reducing overhead costs and increasing productivity.
Data-based Decision-Making: With the aid of Ccaliffy metrics and regular reports, you can take informed decisions about your customer service and connect strategies. We provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with automated database recording.
One Ccallify Connects Multiple Departments: With Ccallify integrated on a website on its multiple webpages, call connectivity can be customized depending on the web page from where the request is made. If you are into franchisee business, based on caller IP and location, customers can be connected to any franchise in India.
Communicate in Regional Language: Ccallify can enable organizations to communicate with citizens in their regional language like Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi by tracking the location from which the call request has been made.

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Features of Ccallify

You can partner with Big V Telecom – one of the leading cloud telephony companies through our low cost franchises and earn high returns.