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Toll Free Numbers and How They Work

Advertisements often carry a ten-digit toll free number where companies can be reached at for queries and support. These numbers you will also see at the back of your debit/credit card, on cartons and packages, and receipts and challans. In India, the numbers offered by the likes of Big V Telecom typically start with 1800 which is the standard national prefix. The number does not signify a particular location so to speak, but only the fact that it’s a toll free number. Businesses use toll free numbers as a live channel of communication with their clients. These toll free number are no different than a phone line, except that it’s a parcel of many superb features that are missing in the latter. So in addition to new business opportunities in India, cloud telephony brings with it this incredible service.

More on Toll-Free Numbers

A toll free number is typically used for customer service calling, which is how modern businesses serve their clients on telephone. Now if you are not familiar with the concept of toll-free, it means that a caller can dial the number and talk to a company representative for any length of time without having to bear the cost of the call. Like call collect, it does not cost the caller anything. These numbers offered by cloud telephony companies have opened up a cost-free and convenient channel of communication for companies and their clients. In some cases however, calling at a toll free number may cost a wireless caller airtime minutes unless they are on a plan that allows unlimited calling.

How It Works?

Cloud telephony companies offer toll free numbers as a way to maintain location and call cost neutrality, the two things that make calling convenient for the callers. Big V Telecom and similar companies offer numbers with a standard 1-1800 prefix. The rest of the number however can be anything you want it to be. Come up with your own combination or let the company generate you one, whichever suits you. As long as the number is not already in use, it is assigned to the claimant right away. In that, it’s a first-come-first-serve system for these numbers. The sooner you book a number with Big V Telecom or similar companies, the greater are your chances of grabbing it before anyone else does. Seldom do companies miss the new franchise opportunity or the chance to put together a number that register easily in the mind.

These numbers are offered by service providers like Big V Telecom whose own service is called YOCC or Your Own Call Center. A toll free number, like all telephone number is portable, which means every subscriber has the privilege to port it as and when needed. It is not a location-specific number which gives it a nation-wide usability. The toll free telephone number, though public, has a database which is exclusively accessible to the subscribers alone.

Big V Telecom is one of the names that is most relevant to the Indian telecom industry at this point. It is one of the forerunners of cloud telephony that has brought numerous industries in its folds through business opportunities in India and scalable telephone service.