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Franchise Opportunity in India

Why Big V franchise

  • Established Brand: Big V Telecom is the first cloud telephony company in India. Apart from this, it is a CRISIL Rated and ISO Certified Company. Big V Telecom operates in one of the fastest growing markets with Voice as it’s Commodity.
  • Multiple products:  The franchisee gets a right to market and sell multiple products. This will help in gaining a bigger market share in a short span of time thereby achieving break-even faster.
  • Be Our Franchisee with Minimum Pre-requisites:  You can be a part of Big V Telecom family with minimum pre-requisites. No infrastructure, no technical knowledge is required, only zeal to do business is required. No additional manpower except for a couple of marketing executives.
  • Fast ROI: Our business has fast Return on Investment criterion as most of our services are under annual subscription basis which will help you gain recurring income for one time efforts.
  • Leaders in Cloud Telephony Solutions:  Being the pioneers in our domain, we are leading in the industry with our innovative cloud telephony products.
  • Training and Support: Your franchise business will be enhanced with Big V Telecom’s continued training and support including initial stages which is ongoing and extends to business operations. Also technical guidance will be provided in day to day business affairs and continued development of the products or services that the brand would be offering.
  • Proven Business System: Your franchise business will be benefited from our established business system and procedure that we have already tested and proven in the market.
  • Impressive Product Portfolio: Our products are varied, innovative and are applicable to each and every sector in the market, hence, we have a diverse and dedicated client base.
  • Innovative Concept: As our products are innovative and new, there is an impressive popularity amongst the customers. Our flagship product YOCC has been awarded the most INNOVATIVE MANAGED SERVICES from Aegis Graham Bell Awards which is considered as OSCAR of telecom industry.