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A Quiz to Find Out If Your Enterprise Needs Cloud Telephony Solutions

When a new technology arrives in the market, entrepreneurs find themselves going into a standby mode. Most businessmen like to wait it out to learn more about it from first-hand users before they even consider it. That’s prudent because a product that hasn’t been reviewed at all is a risk. If you feel the same about cloud telephony, then here is a quiz that ends all dilemma. Listed below are a few questions that help answer if cloud telephony would mean new business opportunities for your house or is it another trivial investment you can dodge without missing anything. To help clients make the right pick, Big V Telecom and similar companies offer a formal consultation at the start.

Just to make a clean appearance of things right from the start, whether you own a franchise in India or your own company, you need to have a flawless communication system in place that bridges the distance between your company and its clients most effectively. Now, let’s get started on the questions.


What is Cloud Telephony?

In case you are still not clear about it, cloud telephony is a communication system, more precisely a digital infrastructure that enables automation of communication. Recently identified as a driving asset of businesses, it is a digital tool that helps widen the reach of businesses, frequents communication helps companies serve their clients better on phone. Experts opine that digital tools like an Interactive Voice Response System or IVR are indispensable to businesses of today, and that is irrespective of the sector or size.

To make things a touch more plain, cloud telephony solutions is the means of transferring a business’s telephone infrastructure from legacy setup to what we know as cloud. Through an IVR software, incoming and outgoing calls may or may not use the existing fixed phone lines and other mobile devices, but the calls will be entirely digital, transmitted and routed through the Internet.


When I Consider It for My Company? Does It Mean New Business Opportunities?

You want to consider cloud telephony services for your business for number of reasons. The first of the advantages of this telecom solution will shed some light on that question. Broadly speaking, there are three reasons why companies are considering using cloud telephony and why you should too. In a nut shell, they are:

  • To reduce the costs of operation by a wide margin
  • To better the quality of service perceivably
  • To develop new and improved services that your clients can’t refuse to avail


What Are the Signs That Point Towards the Need of Cloud Telecom Solutions for Franchise in India?

Alternately, you can read the signs that your business is giving you to decide whether to migrate to cloud telephony solutions or stick to your old telephone setup.

Distributed workforce with lots of remote workers, mobile staffs and multiple office locations.

A running fleet of field operatives that could use a central telephone system.

Requiring customer verification and call recording

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