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Have you ever thought how missed calls can work as effective marketing communication tool? With the latest technological upsurge, Missed Call can connect consumers and businesses and bring loads of business enquires. DialnDisconnect unleashes the untapped power of missed call as an efficient business solution.

DialnDisconnect is a unique single phone number provided to businesses for using in all their marketing communications. This unique number has the power of encouraging your target audience to give a Missed Call on the number to start the interaction free of cost for the consumers. The simple and efficient solution has the capacity to engage consumers and thus resulting into augmented lead and enquiry generation for the business.

Your target audience doesn’t need to call you or you also are not required to initiate extensive marketing campaigns for earning new business enquires. The customer service costs can also decrease substantially as DialnDisconnect handles all the business enquiries promptly and efficiently. When a caller gives a Missed Call on your DialnDisconnect number, the system would automatically respond with a customized brand proposition which can be in form of SMS or Voice Message.


Get connected with your customers without causing them any cost burden. You can send them instant response via call / SMS / Voicemail. The customer contact number gets added to your database which assists in future business communications.

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Sensitive and important verification can be done instantly. Users just have to dial and disconnect after first ring and their phone number can be verified within seconds.

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The users can cast votes for their favorite artists, celebrities, social and political campaigns, advertisement campaigns by just a missed call. Their feedback will be instantly recorded with dialndisconnect.

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4-Product promotion-DD

Product promotion

Increasing number of consumers will participate in various product promotion campaigns as they just have to dial and disconnect without paying a single penny.  Let the target audience reach you within a short span of time.

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