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DialnDisconnect Missed Call Solution India - Big V Telecom

What’s Dial‘N’Disconnect?

Dial‘N’Disconnect is an extensively customizable and highly quantifiable cloud telephony based “missed call” solution. It is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tool to initiate interactive communication with your target audience.

You can run your entire marketing campaign on a single number or reduce overhead costs by simplifying routine operations and even customize the kind of response that needs to be generated against missed calls received.

  • Encourage Customers to Connect: Missed Calls are the most accessible way to connect for masses even without smart phones or internet connectivity.
  • Generate More Leads: Every Missed Call is a Prospective Lead. Track 100% Missed Calls with Dial‘N’Disconnect

Dynamic Features of Dial‘N’Disconnect

…that makes it the most desired Missed Call Marketing Service

  • Customizable Response Mechanism:  Choose and configure how Dial‘N’Disconnect will respond to a missed call – trigger a call back, send a text, take a vote, mark as verified and a lot more!
  • Multiple Missed Call Handling: Dial‘N’Disconnect – Missed Call Solution can simultaneously receive and respond to multiple missed calls.
  • Real-time Data Generation: Every missed call generated is registered and notified in real-time, creating an automatically updated customer database.
  • CRM Integration: Dial ‘N’ Disconnect can be easily integrated with your existing CRM programme to enable strategic insights into existing and new customer behaviour.
  • Quantify Missed Call Campaigns: Dial‘N’Disconnect provides detailed and robust analytic reports that help you accurately quantify success rate of your missed call marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile App & Web Interface: Dial‘N’Disconnect Missed Call Services come with Mobile & Web interface that allows you real-time and remote monitoring of your campaign from anywhere, at anytime.

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Know some widespread uses of Missed Call Solutions!

What are Missed Call Solutions used for?

  • Opt-in/Opt-Out Services: Businesses use Missed Call Marketing to know the interest or seek permission from consumers to opt-in or opt-out of services and add them or remove them from your database. In this way you can reach out to people registered on DND list too.
  • Reality Shows & Contest Voting: Missed call solutions are widely used by Reality TV shows and contest organisers to garner votes for contestants from viewers.
  • Pledge Support: NGOs and Corporate CSR Departments have been using missed call services to garner support from masses for social causes.
  • Information On-Demand: Organizations in various sectors like Banks, Wealth Management, Educational Sectors, Government Departments, etc use Missed Call services to provide on demand information like balance, enquiry, complaint status, application status, deliver status and so on.
  • Verification: Missed Call Services are used to verify mobile number and other personal details of customers.
  • Surveys/Feedback/Opinion Polls: Missed Calls can be used to encourage consumers to take surveys or give feedback through call back with IVR services in response to their missed calls.

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Get connected with your customers without causing them any cost burden. You can send them instant response via call / SMS / Voicemail. The customer contact number gets added to your database which assists in future business communications.

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Sensitive and important verification can be done instantly. Users just have to dial and disconnect after first ring and their phone number can be verified within seconds.

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The users can cast votes for their favorite artists, celebrities, social and political campaigns, advertisement campaigns by just a missed call. Their feedback will be instantly recorded with dialndisconnect.

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4-Product promotion-DD

Product promotion

Increasing number of consumers will participate in various product promotion campaigns as they just have to dial and disconnect without paying a single penny.  Let the target audience reach you within a short span of time.

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