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The Unavoidable Fusion of Technology and Politics

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The 2008 US Presidential election set a technological landmark for all political campaigns around the world. The extensive use of innovative platforms helped in dissolving the gap between communities and allowed the would be President Barrack Obama, to reach out to diverse corners of society and drive votes.

Amongst all the technology solutions, the implementation of a cloud-based telephonic contact centre played the most crucial role in his landslide election victory.

In India, our political representatives have traditionally made slower progress in adopting new  technologies. However, they have finally gained momentum and are catching up to changing times.

The introduction of cloud technology in India and the rise of domestic firms offering sophisticated solutions, such as Big V Telecom, have been the key drivers of this dramatic shift.

So what is the big hype about cloud telecom VS traditional telecommunication ?

In the past, having a contact centre for handling mass enquiries meant building a team of call centre operatives and technical support staff. Above all, it required the purchase and installation of complex hardware and software and bearing the cost of maintainance.

Cloud telecommunication solutions for the political sphere, such as Jan Samwaad, have lifted much of this burden. Today these solutions have made it possible to candidates to start their own contact centre in a matter of minutes. There is no hardware to purchase or softwares to  install because its all hosted virtually in the Cloud! All they need to do is simply choose a number and sign up for the service.

Candidates can run their entire campaign using this single hotline number.

So how can cloud telephony solutions impact the election season?

Social reach is the most important factor that this technology influences. Political rallies alone lack appeal. The new generation of voters neither have the time nor the inclination to attend such events. The only way to grasp their attention is through a platform which can be accessed at will.

This is where cloud technology steps in. Services hosted in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Constituents can call the hotline number such as the ones provided by Big V’s Jansamwaad and know all about the candidate and even leave a remark or suggestion.

The candidates on their part can even upload their statements made in Parliament and showcase endorcements made in their favour, by popular figures both in politics and society.

Whats more ? Cloud telephony is widely used today to conduct tele-polling to know the approval rating of candidates and various policies.

Big V Telecom’s Jansamwaad is a highly customizable solution which can accomodate special features on demand.

The fusion of technology and politics has already begun and its going to run deeper that expected. The political class has finally begun to realize that as people evolve, so must the platforms of politics.