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Cloud Telephony Services– Your On-demand Communication System

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The just-in-time concept of manufacturing is now gaining popularity in the service sector too. Just-in-time or on-demand services refers to availing the services only when required and paying only for the services when in use. This concept is especially beneficial for businesses that need to avail technologically advanced services like cloud telephony, which would otherwise demand high investment.

Minimize Operational Costs with On-Demand Cloud Telephony Services

Telecommunication as a service has historically been one of the important elements of business that required pre-planned implementation until the advent of cloud telephony. Cloud Telephony is redefining the way businesses today look at setting up their communication systems. With many established cloud telephony service providers, India has been able to provide large scale and affordable on demand hosted IVR solutions.

Since the services are availed from third party service providers, businesses themselves don’t need to make any additional investment in setting up infrastructure or procuring additional manpower. Additionally there is no need to sustain high maintenance PBX systems as it is all hosted on the cloud.

Instant scalability of cloud telephony infrastructure

On-demand cloud telephony has given businesses the liberty to take quick strategic decisions about relocating business without having to undergo delay in setting up required communication channels. Since the business phone system is cloud hosted it does not require any physical relocation and can be used without any interruption on your mobile phones as well.

In case of expanding business at a new location all that the business has to do is call up the cloud telephony service provider and ask for up-scaling services by adding new extensions that can be conveniently used on existing virtual number. The employees can use these numbers on their mobile phones too.

Aids Strategic Marketing

Affordable IVR services from providers like Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi, ensure that the businesses can take up informed marketing projects to gain a competitive edge without having to undertake large monetary risks. With real time and on-demand call analytics, companies can know the success rate of various marketing channels and invest in the most profitable ones.

Additionally for taking up marketing initiatives like missed call campaigns or outbound IVR surveys, cloud telephony service providers can offer short-term on-demand missed call and outbound IVR services on existing numbers for the stipulated time-frame of the campaign.

With cloud telephony at your hand you can upscale or downscale your telecommunication facilities as per your business requirements. You will no longer require spending on unnecessarily maintaining systems that might be of use only in future and can optimize the allocation of your resources for more important aspects of business.