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Increase Your Business Productivity with Virtual Call Centers

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Cloud telephony services have changed the way the traditional call centers operated. No longer is there a need to have large scale call center set ups with complex infrastructure to handle large scale inflow of customer calls. Cloud telephony has not only been beneficial for big companies but also a means to increase professionalism and productivity for small firms too.

Overcome geographical barriers

Virtual call center helps your business connect its operations at various locations on a single number without any wired mess. You can have a single toll-free or regular number as your single point of contact for multiple locations and departments. This makes it easy for your customers to get in touch with you and also creates a uniform brand identity for you business across locations

Apart from this, cloud telephony solutions give your employees freedom to work flexibly from anywhere. Cloud telephony service providers like Big V Telecom, the first company incubated by Tata Elxsi, offer smart call transfer to any mobile or landline phone, anywhere around the globe. This ensures the employees are always available to answer calls meant specifically for them and enhances their personal as well as business productivity.

Curtail operational as well as marketing costs

Big V Telecom’s innovative cloud telephony solution YOCC – Your Own Contact Center helps you effectively quantify the return on investment on your marketing channels. By accurately quantifying leads from each channel, business can manage and reduce marketing investment and yet increase lead generation.

Since your virtual call center is cloud hosted, you do not need to retain high cost and maintenance demanding PBX systems. Cloud telephony can be implemented without any in-house infrastructure set-up or additional manpower to maintain and operate it. You will not even need an operator to transfer calls to various departments or answer basic inquiries, this can be easily done with IVR system.

Increase effectiveness of your service

Cloud telephony providers like Big V Telecom are known to provide up-time of almost 99%. Additionally, with auto call answering, multiple call handling and missed call alerts, your business communication can be active 24/7 without any technical interruption. Thus your customer call will never go unanswered.

The call recording facility available with YOCC ensures you can listen to every call and increase effectiveness of your services by monitoring the quality of customer care provided by your business representatives.

In this manner by streamlining your business communication system in multiple ways, virtual call centers can definitely add to the productivity and growth of your business.