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Why Indian Spas & Salons need Cloud Telephony Services to Refresh their Customer Experience

Big V Telecom - Cloud Telephony

When we speak about technology, especially big terms like cloud and databases, spas & Salons often end up way down the list of businesses that might adopt them. But it’s not their fault given the sheer expense related to adopting such enterprise grade technology. But what if such a technology was made available at highly affordable prices and deep customization?

But before we come to that – do spas and Salons really need such technology to run efficiently? Aren’t they just small businesses where people come for leisure and to relax?

While these are usually the stereotypes associated to this market, on digging deep we realize that these small businesses also follow the exact same basic model as any big enterprise – They operate, they serve, they make profits and they grow!

Infact such businesses can use all the tools they can get to make customer service a great experience. After all, how many services expect their clients to not just call, but to walk in and spend their money’s worth of time inside their work premises, all the while expecting the best service possible!

Infact, if you are a successful business, you know the phone never stops ringing. At first, when you are an entrepreneur you don’t mind taking the calls yourself. Then when you have to split your time into running your growing business, there’s just isn’t enough time to answer customer calls. So you hire someone and assign them the job of answering calls thinking it’s just a “minor job” to pass on.

It is only later than you realize that your new hire is actually the first point of contact between a potential customer and your business. But you can’t do much about it since you have your plate full and there’s no way to monitor or train your employees. Hiring a call centre to do the job is almost impossible given the bills they share with you at the end of the month.

If only there was a simpler and affordable way to work around it. Good news is – that there is!

For years now Big V Telecom’s flagship product, YOCC has been helping small and medium businesses which includes several spas and salon by providing simple yet inexpensive cloud telephony solutions. It’s not just about having any automated phone system; it’s about owning your own virtual contact centre. Yes, we were pretty serious when we named it YOCC – Your Own Contact Centre!

YOCC is not just easy to get, it’s also easy to install. It requires zero infrastructure investment and all you need to get started is just your phone.

With YOCC you can pamper your clients from before they even walk in – with a comforting customer service experience at the first point of contact when they call. It never lets you miss a customer call and your customers are never kept waiting. With multiple call handling, you can be sure that your customers always get the information they are looking for, and even book an appointment without event speaking to an employee. Our automated appointment booking system is always synced with our web interface so you are updated on any schedule changes. To help you out further, you get notified every time there’s a new booking or changes to your schedule.

And while YOCC is great at ensuring your business does not miss a call, if by any chance an employee is unable to receive it, you get instantly alerted. So even if you miss a call – You don’t miss a single customer.

Want to monitor and train your employees in customer assistance? With YOCC you receive all their call data on your web interface so you can identify the weak links in their service that is costing you customers and help them improve.

And it doesn’t just stop there. With multi-language select, YOCC lets your service your customers in the language on their choice. Because the better they understand your recorded information, less is the requirement of investing in human resources to handle their calls.

There’s also a ton of other features that you will love as a Spa or salon business owner.

So what are you waiting for?

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