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Big V Telecom Big Fun Card

Innovation has been the key to success for any business. Especially if the business is related to entertainment and information which directly deals with common people, it has to be highly innovative. Out-of-the-box marketing tactics and strategies need to be planned and executed to be in constant touch with your consumers and give them something new every time.

Big Fun Card is the perfect solution for businesses; it makes consumers be glued to a product or content for a longer time. Businesses want to provide their content in an efficient and cost-effective manner and consumers want to access entertainment, information in a faster and easier way anytime and anywhere. This is exactly what Big V Telecom focuses through its offering Big Fun Card which helps in continuing a sustainable growth, despite the uncertainties of the economy.

Fully Automated With Multi Language Support

The consumers can listen to their preferred content in their chosen language. The solution supports diverse regional Indian languages. The infotainment packages are 100% automated.

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Mobile phone

Innovative Infotainment Solution On Single Number

This distinctive solution keeps the consumers loyal to a product for a long time. Let them enjoy their favorite voice content on-the-go. The consumers can listen to their favorite songs, dialogues, tips, recipes, daily horoscopes, stock market advice on their phones.

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Single Number Live 24x7x365

Your Fun Cards are active round-the-clock and can be accessed by your consumers through a single easy-to-remember number. You can spread the number through your business communication, mails, website and advertising and branding campaigns.

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big fun cost effective

Cost Effective Solution

The solution is high on features and less on your pocket. The highly affordable solution is a feature rich solution used by astrologers, chefs, media houses, physicians, skin and beauty care specialists, financial consultants to be in touch with their consumers regularly.

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