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How to Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business

Businesses these days operate through hotlines and that’s a trend that caught up faster than any other phenomenon in the trade world. Using a ten digit telephone number, which in most cases is toll free, companies stay connected with their customers 24/7. But you probably know this already. What you may not know however is how easy it is to get these numbers these days through providers like Big V Telecom. Irrespective of the size or age of your venture, you can qualify for a toll free telephone number. To make things a little more exciting, the choices of toll free number service provider in the market is practically infinite.

Let’s take you through the very process of getting a toll free number for business. It’s basically an if-I-can-do-it-anybody-can-do-it drill. You don’t have to be an expert in telecom technology or a prior user to get a toll-free number easily. But, there is definitely a method that cut through the chase and get you your number in the shortest time possible. Read about it ahead.

Pick a Kind

To get started, you have to understand the kinds of toll-free numbers that are out there. There are primarily three kinds of toll free number for business, namely, vanity, easy dial and tracking numbers. As most businesses go with either of the first two, most with the second, let’s just cover them for now.

The first or the vanity number is a mix of numerals and alphabets, not at random, but a meaningful alphanumeric combination. So, for instance, if your business is into window cleaning, your company’s toll free number could be a set of numbers and WindowCleaning, with a hyphen in between. You can create your own combination to suit the purpose. This, compared to an all numeric number, is easy to remember.

The second is the easy-dial number which your customers can save on their phone and dial directly. These numbers usually occur in 10 digits and often have repetitions of numbers for easy remembering. A user is at liberty to pick their number in which they may or may not choose to have repetitions.

The Standard Prefix

In case you don’t know, a prefix of a toll-free number is the first three digits that the number starts with. As much as you are entitled to get toll free number India that suits your business best, your choice of prefix in India is only one. With Big V Telecom and similar companies it is 1-800.


Make the Buy Right Away

To get toll free number India, just go to the webpage of the provider and navigate to the Toll Free Number page. Somewhere on that page will be the Buy icon. Just hit and the instructions will take you through. Buying toll free numbers through providers like Big V Telecom is only a matter of minutes. It is short and instant and even before you know, they will set you up with a YOCC line to get started instantly. A toll free line obtained from a stellar provider has multi-level IVR, call recording, call tracking, call transfer, SMS, app management and tons of other useful features.

Big V Telecom is a prime toll free number service provider in India. In addition to that, its services include PowerSchool, DialNDisconnect and more.