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3 Quick Tips to Run a Successful Missed Call Campaign

Missed call solutions are finding mainstream position in the marketing strategies of many large scale organizations. Although it started with merely getting cricket scores on giving a missed call, today it is being used by banks to provide on-demand services to customers, media and entertainment companies to ask for votes on their reality show and by NGOs to garner support from the masses for social causes. Even multi-nationals have realized that a free missed call can open a large window of opportunities for their business by engaging millions of penny-wise customers. The latest to join the increasingly popular missed call marketing is the trend-setter Facebook itself!

Now, you might be wondering, missed call services are meant only for the big names or large scale organizations. Well, even small and medium sized businesses can effectively use missed calls to enhance their marketing campaigns within a limited budget. What makes them affordable is that they are hosted on the cloud and require no infrastructure. With extensively customizable and highly quantifiable service like DialnDisconnect from Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi, you can easily design and modify your missed call campaign as and when you want.

All you need to do is take care of the following basics and you can successfully run a missed call marketing campaign.

  1. Offer customers benefit for being a part of your campaign

Since by giving a missed call, the consumers allow you to contact them for pitching new products and services or seeking feedback through a call-back survey, it is important to ensure they too are benefiting from the proposition.

To get the consumers effectively engaged and involved in your missed call campaign it is important to offer them a valuable response. Additionally it is essential to market it well to ensure it reaches the right audience that will respond to the call-to-action.

Based on your target audience, design a creative response that adds value to the customer’s experience in interacting with your organization. It could be as minimal as useful tips related to the business or a small discount coupon on their next purchase.

  1. Use a quick response mechanism

It is important to design the right mix of text and voice based response to appreciate consumer’s efforts. A simple but instant thank you message with a promise to get in touch soon can work wonders in turning a consumer into a loyal customer. The idea is to make the consumers feel valued!

Businesses that offer to call customers back for free against their missed calls have been known to experience increased sales, goodwill among consumers and rise in customer loyalty.

  1. Implement powerful data analytics and optimize the use of data generated

What makes missed call marketing appealing is the fact that it is a medium with potential to reach out to a large consumer base of millions of mobile subscribers in the country. To reach out to the maximum consumers in the region where the campaign is being run, it is necessary to ensure it is marketed well. Once that is done, to effectively tap the created opportunities it is important to have the right data analytics mechanism in place.

With DialnDisconnect, you can access live missed call data and analytics from anywhere through a comprehensive web interface. It can provide detailed data about the time and place from where the missed call is received. It can also automatically sync the generated database with your CRM account too. Additionally it can also provide you with complete audio logs of callbacks generated to ensure timely monitoring and quality control.