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5 Reasons to Move Your Business Telephony to the Virtual Call Center

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Virtual call centers are fast replacing the traditional business phone lines. Moving on to virtual business telecommunication is becoming the most likely and easy choice for business as it is easy to implement and highly cost-effective.  Here are 5 reasons to move your business onto cloud telephony.

  1. Increases Ease of Doing Business

Your business might be spread across different locations and managing multiple phone lines can be complex. With cloud telephony you can have all your employees across each business location connected on a single virtual number with multiple extensions.

Since there is no infrastructure setup involved, your office can be with you wherever you are.  This makes it easy for you to conduct and keep track of your business from any remote location through web interface. Big V Telecom one of the leading cloud telephony providers in India is the only one that also provides access through mobile apps for its virtual call center solution – YOCC.

Another feature that increases ease of doing business for your customers and vendors is YOCC’s sticky agent feature. With this you can choose to route a particular number to the same representative every time, cutting down the long call channel.

  1. Facilitates Quantification of Advertisements

Marketing expenses make up for a considerable percentage of the company’s revenues. Many a times, there is no concrete justification of these expenses, except for some third party general statistics. A high end virtual call center like YOCC provides real-time quantification of leads generated from various marketing campaigns. You can run numerous campaigns simultaneously on different virtual numbers or run them one after the other on a single number and quantify the calls received for each campaign.  Having reliable in house ROI data enables you to make informed decisions with regards to fund allocation to various marketing channels.

  1. Increases Flexibility

Cloud telephony solutions are highly customizable and easily scalable and therefore add to flexibility in doing business. You can easily include more locations and staff to your virtual call center in a day’s time at minimal cost. Even if you need to relocate your office, there will be no interruption in business continuity. There will be zero downtime and infrastructure relocation costs for your phone systems, as they are hosted on the cloud and not dependent on location.

With easily customizable and automated call routing you can choose and even change anytime, the pattern in which you want to route calls amongst your agents. You can also have customized multi-language options for your callers.

  1. Provides insightful call data for quality management

YOCC can provide insightful call data that can help you analyze aspects like the time frame when most calls are received, average response time and call duration as well as agent specific call data for quality management.

It even allows you to have every call on the virtual contact center on the record. Voice logs for all the calls received are stored and can be retrieved from the web interface. These recordings can be used for training agents and ensuring high standards of customer service.

It also provides an auto generated customer database that can be readily used for quality lead generation.

  1. Optimizes Business Communication

Multiple call handling and auto response features of virtual call center ensure that there is minimal wait time for callers and zero missed calls for your business. It also helps you keep clients informed with the help of unified notification system. Whether it’s about order status, appointment confirmation or grievance handling, you can send real-time updates via SMS, e-mail or voice calls.

Apart from this you can also optimize business communication with the help of smart call transfer. This option enables you to transfer calls to any desired number across the globe. Additionally, virtual call center systems have a high uptime and enable seamless communication even in worst case scenarios.