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Banking on a Missed Call!

Banking sector in India has come a long way from being monopolistic to a highly competitive one post liberalization in 1991. The increased competition led to banks increasing their customer service efforts by providing dedicated relationship managers and employing cutting edge technology in form of online and phone banking. Moving a step further, banks today have integrated different cloud telephony solutions such as missed call services to provide real time services. In contrast to its name missed call services have been put to use to ensure that there are no missed opportunities.

Generate Customized Response

Missed call service is designed to generate an instant automated response. On receiving a missed call on a dedicated number, the caller can be sent desired response via SMS or voice call or even an e-mail.  The response can be optimally customized and altered to meet the requirements of the bank. Banks can run multiple campaigns one after the other on a single number. For instance, during certain festive season if the bank has launched a new auto finance scheme, it can ask customers to give a missed call to get more information about it. Once that scheme is over, the number can be used to promote another scheme by altering the customized response.

Banks can provide standard services like balance enquiry, list of last few transactions or verification of number for mobile banking with separate dedicated extensions for each service.

A Win-Win Situation

Using missed call services results in a win-win situation for both the banks and its customers. Account holders today can literally bank on a missed call for availing basic services at no cost and saving them the trouble of visiting banks for every small task. On the other hand the reduction in need to personally attend to customers’ routine banking requirements, allows the bank to use their resources for other important tasks, resulting in time and cost savings. The service can handle multiple missed calls and can be kept active even during non-banking hours. So there’s zero wait time for customers and provision for ensuring them round the clock service from bank.

Get Add-on Benefits

Services like DialnDisconnect by Big V Telecom, the first Tata Elxsi incubate company; provide benefits that make it more than just a missed call service. It allows you to generate a reliable database of customers that can be used to generate positive leads. Moreover, DialnDisconnect also provides data analytics on response sought. This data can be accessed from anywhere by the authorized person through web interface. Missed call services also help to measure what promotion campaigns are working best for the banks through quantification of missed calls received and response generated for each one.

Since the missed call service is cloud hosted, it does not require any infrastructure or manpower investment and can be installed is short span of time. Due to this cost effectiveness and multi-functionality today many large as well as small banks are adopting it and bringing about a major change in its core functioning.