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Missed Call Marketing – Changing the Face of Mass Communication

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Marketing has, until now, primarily involved promotion via physical and virtual methods. Flyers, leaflets, online advertisements and more have always formed the heart and soul of a marketing campaign. Recently though, there has emerged a new method for increasing customer engagement, that is, missed call marketing.

What Exactly is Missed Call Marketing?

Missed call marketing works on the principle of providing service information to the end user without them having to spend a single buck. It stems from the idea that almost every person in the world has mobile handset today. A fact that can be used to reach out more efficiently to every individual living in the civilized world, than a website or a leaflet could.

Missed call marketing involves providing a single, one-for-all contact number by the brand to be promoted, where customers can give a missed call to avail information about product features, promotional campaigns, discounts and offers, free of cost. The company, on receiving the missed call, sends out a text or pre-recorded voice message, which provides the end user with the information required.

The Scope of Missed Call Marketing

A mobile phone has become one of the most common digital gadgets used by people across all strata of society. These handsets range from simple, small phones with basic caller applications, to high-end smart-phones and tablets that have myriad cutting edge features.  One common affordable and easy to use, mode of connecting with such diverse target audience using technologically diversified mobiles is missed calls.

India itself has an active mobile user base of over 833 million, ranging over different topographies. Missed call marketing enables brands to reach out to all of these via just a missed call. This innovative technique has proven itself to be significantly ahead of the rest of the conventional means of mass communication, and the scope is only expected to keep increasing with increasing number of mobile users.

Features of Missed Call Marketing

To avail of this robust marketing platform, as a brand you can use a cloud telephony solutions like DialNDisconnect from Big V Telecom. This service provides your company with a dedicated virtual phone number where customers can send a missed call and get in touch with you. The service can be used to fulfill several purposes like:

  • Number Verification

The dialed number is instantaneously verified, before being added to your database, to make sure that it is not a spam call. This database of numbers can be then accessed to send promotional messages as and when required.


  • Public Votes

This functionality is useful when public voting needs to be done to decide on preferred product or service. It is also widely used by television reality shows as well as beauty pageants to decide winners in competitions when there are multiple options available. The number of missed calls received by each candidate on their dedicated numbers is monitored, calculated and the final result is analyzed.


  • Product Promotion

Perhaps the most important application, missed call marketing can be used to promote products across a wide user base, irrespective of the end user’s device type. This gives businesses an opportunity to test new product viability or gain feedback on current services or products. It also enables business to gain popularity amongst consumers by offering add on offers in the form of discounts or some kind of entertainment in return for the missed call given by them.


Missed call marketing is one of the most powerful means of mass communication today and the market is yet to reach its full potential. A simple, yet robust tool it helps companies get in touch with their client base easily and quickly.