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How Virtual Contact Centers Help Businesses Function Professionally Even Without an Office

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Soaring real-estate prices have made it difficult for businesses to not just own but even rent commercial offices. But for an inter-connected world like ours, there are always smart solutions to problems. Businesses across the Globe, no matter how large or small, are choosing to invest more in talent and save on real-estate and infrastructure costs by utilizing cutting edge technologies.

One such platform which is revolutionizing the way businesses work is cloud telephony.

With cloud hosted contact centers having no office is no more a big deal. They enable entrepreneurs to work professionally from home or shared work stations by simply using smart phones and laptops.

Work with a Single Virtual Business Number

Staying connected with all the business elements might seem complex, especially with no permanent infrastructure in place. Business telephony systems hosted on the cloud can simplify this communication channel with a single virtual number. This number can have multiple extensions and can enable multiple-call handling to connect all the employees to a virtual call center. Cloud telephony can be implemented in no time and is highly cost effective as it does not require any infrastructure setup. It can be used on existing numbers and mobile phones.

Think Global, Act Local and Sound Professional with Your Own Contact Center Solutions

Many entrepreneurs operate in a global environment with clients, vendors and even employees spread out across various locations. With virtual call centers, businesses can function seamlessly and professionally even without having any physical presence.  Companies like Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi, offer customized cloud telephony in India, aptly called Your Own Contact Center (YOCC).

A smart business always tailors its services according to area of operation. To cater to different regions entrepreneurs can even localize their automated greetings and other pre-recorded messages on the virtual call center with YOCC’s multi language support and truly think global but act local.

This virtual contact center solution can even provide completely automated, remote but highly professional smart call transfer facilities. With customized routing, incoming calls can be routed randomly or specifically to local employees, depending on the location from which the call is being received. This can help even the smallest businesses to function like a professionally managed corporate and gain client credibility in the absence a state-of-art office.

Remotely Track Efficiency of Employees and Marketing Channels

YOCC’s unique web and mobile app interface allows the entrepreneurs to track their workforce efficiency by remotely accessing real time call data analytics. The accessibility to all call logs and recordings on the virtual call center enables them to monitor and maintain high standards of client servicing. They can also choose to get unified notification via SMS, e-mail or voice call, if any calls have been missed.

Additionally, productivity of marketing channels can also be quantified based on leads received from each one. This will help entrepreneurial start ups, in wisely allocating sparsely available funds to channels providing higher returns.

With cloud telephony supported virtual call center, any business can operate collaboratively with a large number of remotely located employees, even without any office or infrastructure set up. These advantages are sure to make operating without dedicated offices, a new trend among entrepreneurs.