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Cloud Telephony – A Polished Technology for the Jewelry Business!

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The wedding season in India gets hotter when the weather gets colder. This trend gets trickled down in the form of business opportunities for wedding planners, venue renters, caterers and above all – jewelry stores!

Wedding and festivities are a prime selling time for jewelry stores and chains across India. But as enquiries and calls reach their peak, most of the major outlets remain less than prepared for this massive wave of demand. Stores often tend to take the traditional approach of hiring more man-power to deal with more customers.

However, in this age of technology and high-tech communication, there are several innovative and cost effective ways to deal with this issue and end up making more profits!

Cutting-edge technology for the oldest of all trades

One of the most sought after technology trends these days is the adaptation of cloud based contact centres or commonly known as virtual contact centres or simply virtual numbers.

Unlike traditional PBX systems or any other traditional phone systems, these virtual phone systems are highly mobile, can be used by businesses of any size and segment, requires absolutely zero infrastructure investment and are capable of 100% automated call handling.

One of the prime products in this field is YOCC by Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi.

A single number for an entire jewelry business

YOCC has been popularized with a single business idea – To allow businesses to “run and grow on a single number”.

This is especially a critical requirement for jewelry chains where they have multiple outlets and work with distributed teams. With YOCC, the one number can be used to connect all their locations, departments or employees.

While for any business losing customer calls can be equivalent to incurring losses, it is especially in the case of jewelry business where a single order can be worth in lakhs. This is more relevant during seasonal sales when orders are usually in bulk.

Automation at its finest!

Being fully automated, cloud telephony products like YOCC are fully capable of handling multiple calls through next-gen IVRS technology and instant alerts in case of any missed calls for quick follow-ups by the business.

Many jewelry store owners depend on dedicated man-power to manage the call desk. While a human touch for inbound calls is often required, it can quickly turn into an inefficient dependency when they are away from their desk. With smart call transfer features in YOCC, it is quite simple to divert calls to any employee, manager or store owner’s mobile or landline – where ever they are available.

Measure your ROI from advertisements

Another critical feature which is unique to Big V Telecom’s YOCC is quantification of advertisements. It is a smart cloud telephony solution that allows businesses to quantify their ROI coming from various advertising platforms to determine the best source of revenue and leads for them.

Jewelry business can heavily capitalize on this feature as they tend to run promotional offers and awareness campaigns all year long!

Furthermore, YOCC allows businesses to upload their promotions, discounts, special seasonal offers or any other message in the welcome note for callers. They can even change and update it as frequently as needed.

As the name suggests – Your Own Contact Centre, this product has created a name for itself in the market by providing unconventional levels of customizability and also introducing the 1st mobile app in its business.

YOCC is already well established in the SMB sector where most jewelry chains and stores operate in. One of the prime reasons for its success is the budget oriented and feature specific pricing. In other words, jewelry businesses can pick and choose the features they need and get billed only for them.