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Increase Effectiveness of Your Marketing Initiatives with Missed Call Services

While internet is still in its early stage of outreach in India, mobile phones have penetrated even at the grassroots level. With over 833 million active mobile connections across the country, it has outnumbered the reach of other traditional media like newspaper and television. Mobiles have become a preferred choice for marketers to instantly reach out to the target audience, since people are always accompanied by their mobiles.

Capitalizing on the widespread use of mobile phones, marketers have adopted new age missed call services to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Missed calls can be configured to generate any desired response in the form of callback or a text message. It can also be used to take a vote, verify mobile numbers, register for various offers and much more.

Making marketing initiatives interactive and quantifiable

Most advertisements whether they are aired on television and radio or printed on newspapers and billboards result in one way communication with no substantial evidence of reaching the right audience. Integrating missed call services in your advertisements can increase their effectiveness by making them interactive for the target audience. The key here is to offer a valuable response in return – like requesting a call back for more information or providing some kind of entertaining content.

Missed call services also help you to know the success of your marketing campaigns. With providers like Big V Telecom’s DialnDisconnect, you can receive powerful and live data analytics on responses generated through missed calls. It will enable you to accurately measure the return on investment for each campaign by quantifying missed calls received through them.

Enables wider outreach to masses

Giving a missed call is one of the most basic functions that any person not familiar with advanced mobile technology too can accomplish. Additionally since missed calls do not cost anything to the users, it appeals even to the pre-paid subscribers who are very careful in spending the limited available talk-time. Thus as compared to sending SMS on premium corporate numbers or making outgoing calls, using the free of cost missed call services can be more encouraging, especially  for people with limited means of mobile connectivity. Many companies have realized this potential and have successfully used missed call campaigns to achieve better results from their marketing efforts targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns as well as villages where 70% of Indian population resides.

Generating Qualified Leads

Missed call campaigns can help you break the ‘Do Not Disturb’ barrier, which restricts any unsolicited marketing activities. By encouraging consumers to request a call back by giving missed call, your company is able to initiate a marketing call with consent from the consumer. This helps you create a pool of qualified leads instead of making random cold calls with lesser probability of conversion.

With DialnDisconnect, you can get an automatically updated customer database generated from your missed call campaigns. This database can be easily synced with your CRM account and used as a ready database of leads for future use.

As you can see, the universally used missed call, has acquired a whole new meaning with the corporate clan integrating it in their business activities. Today missed call services make up for over 500 crore industry in India, and is being used to accomplish wide range of marketing and administrative purposes. A rightly designed missed call campaign can increase effectiveness of your marketing efforts manifold.