Cloud Telephony – Backbone of Modern Day Business Communication

Today business communication scenario is rapidly changing. Organizations are shifting from traditional business telephony systems with limited call handling and location connecting capabilities – to technologically advanced cloud telephony solutions.

Here’s what lead to this shift…

In wake of globalization of economic activities, businesses today function from one location, utilize services of vendors from another location and cater to customers sitting hundreds of miles away at different locations. In such dynamic environment, having effective one-on-one communication channel is of utmost importance for conducting day to day activities without interruption.

The most common mode of real-time communication has by far been telephonic. But traditional telephony solutions posed challenges for management in terms of monitoring on call interactions on multiple phone numbers, tracking customer issues and solutions, maintaining customer database for different locations and so on.

Overcoming barriers with Virtual Telephonic Solutions

With high flexibility, scalability, seamless remote connectivity and multitudinous other reasons Cloud based telephony solutions like YOCC have become the backbone of modern-day businesses.

  • Low Cost & No Maintenance:

Implementing cloud telephony solutions does not require any infrastructure set up or expert manpower as everything is hosted on the cloud, managed by service providers and can be used on any telephonic and mobile device. No longer do the businesses need to use high maintenance in-office EPABX systems, eliminating the need for any kind of capital investment. Additionally, the payment has to be made as per the usage, making it one of the most cost-effective communication channels.

  • Multi-location connectivity on Single Virtual Number:

A single virtual number provided by cloud telephony services like YOCC from Big V Telecom can connect multiple geographically scattered locations with multiple extensions. Adding locations or removing one from the system; or even moving the number from one location to another can be done without any hassle in no time.

  • Multiple Call Handling:

Cloud telephony system can handle multiple calls simultaneously on a single number with automated voice prompts and routing calls to organizational representatives in any pre-determined pattern. Cloud telephony ensures that there is no call waiting for callers and zero missed calls and business opportunities for organization.

  • Remote Accessibility:

Cloud telephony provides immense flexibility to employees from anywhere. With flexibility to work and communicate on the go, cloud telephony helps increase overall productivity. It also provides much needed strategic control to management with remote accessibility to auto generated caller database and call analytics through web and mobile app interface.